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What Expert Authority World™ is saying about the show:

  • Amazing Interviews not to miss!!!
    by Jbower1282 from United States

    Consistantly uniques interviews or amazing people really making it happen.

  • Mario is a great host with great questions!
    by alexdesigns from United States

    Take a few minutes out of your day to listen to Mario. He is a super smart guy and I love the questions he asks his guests.

  • A great podcast for dreamers and do-ers!
    by Chiquita2727 from United States

    Lots of great information and inspiration for anyone who wants to turn dreams into reality. Mario brings a lot of spot-on information to this podcast.

  • Great Show
    by Palminchen from London from United Kingdom

    Love the broad selection of topics for inner

  • Amazing inspirational stories
    by colas_18 from United Kingdom

    This podcast is so good. The stories from the people sharing their stories about their struggles in life and how they overcame these struggles is just inspirational and helped me push harder when things get tough. Keep up the good work with these amazing interviews Mario.

  • Fantastic
    by sttoggyigctdrvy from United States

    Mario goes above & beyond on his show. Lots of great information for his listeners!

  • Top Learning
    by BLNT PPTT from Hungary

    Love hearing these great interviews with a great host. Keep up the good work!

  • Mario inspires!
    by Fatherof10yrold from United States

    These interviews are fantastic. Mario inspires with great questions that draw out great answers from his guests!

  • Expert authority!
    by Tara Williams Phone from United States

    Mario shares some amazing people on this podcast and they have some gold to share!

  • Great show!
    by Karen @ Interview Valet from United States

    Mario is an awesome podcast host! I love the FB Live interviews and the opportunity for listeners to engage in real time. The audio and video quality is spot on every time. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything! You won't be sorry.

  • A Podcasters Inspiration!
    by JamieKullman from United States

    Mario has so much insight and delivers such incredible value through his show. I just started listening, but I've already learned so much from him and his wonderful interviews. Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Quality professionalism
    by VirtForce from United States

    I can’t say enough about how pristine and professional Mario is in his interviews. He truly wants his guests to have the best experience and recording possible. And not to mention he is fun and knows how to put people at ease in front of the camera.

  • How to conquer your limiting beliefs
    by Dave4syth from United States

    Listen to episode 103 an dlearn how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Great advice.

  • I can’t believe how much I learned in just one episode
    by AwesomeMontana from United States

    Mario is knowledgeable, curious and able to bring great guests that deliver value that every business needs to understand! Outstanding podcast!

  • Great content!
    by Cory Lee Leadership from United States

    Mario does a great job of providing relevant information and bringing on guests to share their expertise in a variety of fields. Highly recommend his podcast!

  • Fascinating interviews
    by Bill Ringle from United States

    Mario brings on accomplished guests and draws out their expertise and stories in a way that leaves me on the edge of my seat. Keep up the great work, Mario!

  • Love It!
    by Laura Moreno Cabanillas from India

    Loving this podcasts, an entrepreneur I really appreciate the energy and passion being shared to help us grow our business. Keep up the great work.

  • Boost my Amazon sales!
    by SurvivalDad from United States

    I tap Amazon as one of my sales channels and your interview with John Ghiorso was an eye-opener. Ignore at your own peril!

  • Love It!
    by LauraMore from United States

    I loved the Memorial Day episode, Mario! Thanks so much for creating this awesome podcast!

  • Flawless interview style
    by GninraeL14 from United States

    Mario makes everyone appear even more interesting to me. Great format and style!

  • Come here for value
    by Joshua User 202! from Canada

    Really appreciated this podcast for the raw, genuine interviews. Love it!

  • Crisp and interesting interviews
    by Joel Goobich from United States

    As someone who created one of the first podcasts dedicated to video marketing, I was very impressed by your recent episode about using video. Your interview style is crisp and interesting

  • If you are in business, this podcast needs to be on your playlist.
    by Macstephen1 from United States

    Mario has a great conversational style that helps his guests shine. This show is a must if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It provides thought provoking content that will help any businessperson in their quest for success.

  • New Subscriber here and on your YouTube Channel
    by Angela Brown Oberer from United States

    Wow Mario you have a real knack for interviewing. You ask great questions and have a fun way of keeping the conversations lively and interesting. After listening to your episode with Owen Video I subscribed to your podcast and then I hunted you down on YouTube. High Five and great job!

  • Very Professional & Engaging Show!
    by Mitche Graf from United States

    Mario is extremely engaging and can hold your attention, and is a great interviewer! He has some great guests that really get into the details of running a successful business. Keep up the great work Mario!

  • Great Content
    by Pilar S. from United States

    Excellent! LOTS of advice from experts. The most recent episode talks about speaking–a must-listen for anyone who presents or is thinking about presenting.

  • Great content!
    by @Mentally_Strong from United States

    I really enjoy your podcast each time I listen. The content helps any entreprenur level up with they do. Keep it up and thanks for each episode.

  • Professional and Informative
    by Bruce at Mindfulness Mode from Canada

    Mario Fachini is an excellent interviewer and has terrific guests on the show. I highly recommend this podcast.

  • Great Podcast
    by Amber Fuhriman from United States

    I love the topic of this podcast. The episode with Tod Lindsay is super super helpful!!

  • Great find!
    by Reed Stiles from United States

    Great message and content. Stumbled upon this due to the cool logo, stayed for the content.

  • Great show and great host!
    by Laurapowers44 from United States

    Love what Mario offers! So glad he is doing his show and providing all this helpful info! Keep them coming!

  • Walks the walk
    by Me15463 from United States

    Mario encapsulates everything he talks about on the show. Be sure to tune in to this!

  • Honest and authentic
    by Deano3622 from United Kingdom

    Wow, just come across this podcast. Mario is such an awesome guy. He comes across so honest and genuine. Loved the content. I honestly don’t know where you find the time?! Keep it up Mario, love how honest and real you are!

  • Great and insightful!
    by Karty12345 from Australia

    I really enjoyed this podcast, so much relevant content. Thank you!

  • So much Value..!
    by Alex Dali Rizo from United States

    Great content, I really recommend this to any Entrepreneur looking to excel in their path, Mario brings topic experts to teach and inspire your day

  • Inspirational Intentional Information
    by 10Kforte from United States

    This podcast shares the stories from people that are doing whatever it takes to rise up and help others along the way. “What Are You Made Of” is one of the many messages shared on the podcast. There are so many takeaways that are applicable to anyone. I really enjoyed listening.

  • Wow!
    by Tyscoaching from Australia

    Just listened to the 'rescue site AED Program' episode! If you love epic stories and inspirational people, this is the podcast for you!

  • Motivation on Tap
    by AnthonyPGarcia from United States

    Mario brings on some of the most impactful entrepreneurs to hear from. He dives into the key performance factors of their business. He extracts information very well and keeps the show flowing very smoothly. Definitely a show to subscribe to!

  • Starting a Movement
    by JustMe2say from United States

    There are many areas of business and entrepreneurs have an opporunity to gain some insight with this podcast. Excellent interviews!

  • Great Podcast For Entrepreneurs!
    by The Big Game Hunter from United States

    Full of knowledgeable guests and useful information that will help you accomplish your goals in business and in life!

  • Mario Truly Care About His Guests
    by Podcast Junkies from United States

    Having met Mario and spent time with him at Podfest I can truly say that he is passionate about his show. He’s genuine and that clearly comes through in his own story and what he brings to every interview.

  • Put your thinking cap on!
    by Cliff Duvernois from United States

    This is probably one of the most information dense podcasts I’ve listened to in many moons. Each episode could easily be expanded out into 2 or 3 hours. Mario does a great job of asking the right questions to get his guests to reveal great tips, tricks and advice. Sure a lot of information can be applied to an entrepreneur but I found a lot of advice applicable to my personal life. This podcast is definitely worth my time to listen to and I’m looking forward to more episodes to come. Great job!

  • Relavant for anyone!
    by HarloB from United States

    I really enjoy Mario and his shows. The Stress and Anger in the Workplace episode was great because it cut to the chase of all the issues around this topic. Great interview!

  • Mario nails it!
    by Mickiezada from United States

    I've listened to Mario for a long time...his podcast is well produced, his guests are influencers and authentic authority, and chock full of insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs. Love it!

  • Mario is the real deal
    by from United States

    I’ve known Mario personally and professionally for over a year now. He is genuinely interested in helping people succeed, and consistently over delivers in his interactions and valuable advice with fellow entrepreneurs, podcasters, what have you. In this era of showmen who “give value” only if they think they’ll get something in return, Mario stands out as a man among men. Listen to his show and learn what true leadership and value in the marketplace mean.

  • Listening On My Entrepreneurial Journey
    by FromLisa2 from United States

    I was surprised when I stumbled over the servant leadership that shows up in these episodes. It's collaborative. It's focused on relationships with clients versus transactions. I especially enjoyed the episode on getting clients without "selling" because it's more about genuine relationship building.

  • A Gift
    by Lisa Vogt from United States

    Mario uses all his talents, gifts and abilities to produce this life affirming show. It's incredible that we are able to grow our abilities and develop our talents and gifts just through subscribing and listening. Thank you Mario!

  • This show is ON FIRE!
    by tibor.mindsethorizon from United States

    Love your show Mario! Your niche is close to mine but I focus more on mindset and manifestation in a business setting. I tuned into episode #103 with Karen Brown which is dope! Keep up the great work!

  • Entrepreneur Must Listen
    by HWoodwriter from United States

    If you’re an entrepreneur this is a must listen show. So many inside tips and thought processes behind moving your business forward. Mario does a great job with the guests by asking the right questions at the right time. He and his guests give the information you need to grow your business and leadership skills.

  • What a show!!
    by CWLuecke from United States

    Man, do I love interviews with world-changers! Mario does an excellent job gathering the cream of the crop for his show and giving insightful interviews. Check it out!

  • Loved it!
    by Seodrigo from United States

    This interview was very enjoyable. Mario brought on a wise guest by the name of Michael Lauria. I loved the interview and Michael's perspective on the topic. He had wonderful insights and around min 31, he hit something very profound. Excited to share what I learned today with others. Way to go!

  • Great listen
    by trinity3712 from United States

    Good listen. Great range of guests and topics. Something here is you keep listening will help you in many areas of life and leadership b

  • Great Knowledge!
    by Jon Vroman FRD from United States

    Great show Mario! So much valuable information in one episode!

  • Excellent show, very imformative!
    by Shaolin Soprano from United States

    Mario loving the podcast bro, great content, immense value. Enjoying these interviews!!!

  • Helpful Information!
    by The Medicare Nation from United States

    Love the valuable information on these episodes! Lots of tips & tricks for every Entrepreneur to use. Kudos Mario! Diane Daniels Host of Medicare Nation

  • Love Mario’s Attitude
    by marisaimon from United States

    Mario’s heart shines through his interviews, making these fun and positive, and the people he brings on offer such a wealth of knowledge.

  • Lots of Great Info!
    by DarlajPowell from United States

    Mario provides lots of great info and advice in this 7 day a week show.

  • Great Content!
    by LanceJohnson_ from United States

    Mario does a great job of share valuable information that every entrepreneur could use and apply to their journey. Great work! 🙂

  • Important information!
    by Allmenow from United States

    Very engaging information. Mario draws out experiences and knowledge from his guests. Loved the show!

  • Difference-Maker
    by Unlimited Beliefs from United States

    Mario is a master at bringing out, shining a light on, and internalizing the difference-making mindset. His knowledge and experience and mission enable him to synthesize information into diamonds for all of us! What you want is accessible by taking in this show!

  • Excellent Information
    by Stallion golf from United States

    Great advice and information with a wonderful blend of topics! Loved the episode with the british healthcare professional and the ideas shared on how to make the industry better.

  • Motivating and valuable information
    by Calvin Javier from United States

    Great insight on mindset from business leaders and entrepreneurs making things happen. Definitely worth your attention. Will be listening and learning more!

  • Good information
    by FIRE NATION! from United States

    Engaging interview with a british health pro, I was surprised to hear the similarties and the application she has for making healthcare better

  • Greatness
    by MiaSportFanatic from United States

    Have had the chance to listen to one show so far but man, we should be paying for this information. Lots of greatness. Thanks for the heart to serve.

  • Listen to the experts - and thrive!
    by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States

    There's a lot of advice out there these days but, sadly, a lot (and I mean a LOT) of is from people with little to no expertise. That's not the case with this gem of a show. Listen to what the experts say and profit from the experience!

  • Show is amazing!
    by BestMorningRoutineEver from United States

    I love learning about mindset and how to master my thoughts. This show provide the tools!

  • Great show!
    by Jefferson_79 from United States

    Great information for all businesses.

  • Good value!
    by Audrey purplele from United States

    Great information that applies to any business! I really felt he provided value for my time.

  • Interesting Topic
    by Real Estate Journeys Podcast from United States

    Interesting topic. Great interviews. Keep up the hard work!

  • Helpful Advice from Experts
    by ichuck2 from United States

    Mario talks to experts in a wide range of subject matters and asks good questions to pull out helpful advice.

  • What a great show!
    by Christopher List from United States

    Mario really brings out the best in his guests. The police dog trainer had such a great story. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Great!!!
    by tommye w-c from United States

    Great podcast, awesome guests, incredible host!!!

  • Fun & informative
    by Saoirse Sky from United States

    Some people want something fun, others want something informative. This podcast gives you both!

  • Great show!
    by CJThomas6 from United States

    Very inspirational show! Appreciate the advice and thoughts shared by the host and his guests!

  • Great podcast
    by Rosie81200 from United States

    Great podcast! Love hearing about the guests’ journeys and what they learned from them.

  • Never Stop Learning!
    by Terri in Fairhope from United States

    Tune in to this great podcast and host! You're probably really good at what you do (top of your Expert Authority), but there is always more to learn...streamline processes and gain more freedom in your life. It's not always about the bottom line. This one is worth a listen!

  • Amazing!
    by KatieHBrooks from United States

    If you're looking for inspiration, tune in to listen to Mario and his top notch guests. I find that I am always much more motivated after listening to an episode of Expert Authority Effect!

  • Wonderful show!
    by @IV-Heather Tieben from United States

    Mario is a great host & puts on a wonderful show. The quality of his interview guests and entire production is impeccable, I couldn't recommend Expert Authority Effect more!

  • You Will Not Be Disappointed!
    by Composer 1853 from United States

    Mario does such a great job of engaging his guests from several different disciplines.

  • The hardest working man in Podcasting
    by from United States

    Mario brings the HEAT with real energy and FIRE...don't miss the meteoric rise of this show! ~ John Lee Dumas

  • Great interviews and guests!
    by Mel Good Karma from United States

    Thanks for hosting such great interview guests. Look forward to hearing more and kudos on so many a week and also videos!

  • Fantastic
    by Jason A. Duprat from United States

    Awesome podcast, going to be adding this one to my list. Interesting topics with great interviews, good sound quality.

  • Enjoying!
    by Slordan from United Kingdom

    Enjoy listening to Mario and how he opens up the conversations to ensure it’s as relevant to us as listeners!

  • Nice variety and interesting topics
    by emjgreen from United States

    Love the variety of topics presented here on this show. Looking forward to listening to more of Mario's show.

  • Great Content! Great Interviews!
    by No BS Mompreneur from United States

    Wow! Really enjoy listening to all these fabulous expert authorities!! Lots of valuable take aways that I can implement into my life. I will continue to listen and share with others!! A+++

  • A great addition to build authority and create an impact
    by Cloris Kylie from United States

    A great addition to build authority and create an impact. Also, a different twist on the topic. Engaging. 5 stars!

  • Filled with motivation and ideas
    by Thomas O'Grady, PhD from United States

    Mario does a great job interviewing and pulling the stories behind people's stories or success. Good pleasant listen. If you are in a journey of your own, these episodes will give some things to bring into your on life.

  • spartancv
    by spartancv from United States

    Great job following your passion, your purpose and creating this podcast to help serve others! Keep up the excellent work.

  • This podcast is the bomb
    by Posturedoc from United States

    Mario always crushed it, and this podcast is another example of his amazing insights and knowledge!! Great work.

  • Wow - love the video show.
    by Thehighenergygirl from United States

    Thank you for the encouragement and tips on how to succeed on video and the repurposing idea.

  • Motivating and Inspiring!
    by KatyJoyWells from United States

    Mario brings such enthusiasm to his shows and his content is fantastic. I’m always learning new things to implement or new ways to grow, thanks Mario!

  • What a great show!
    by Gene_HPLN from United States

    Awesome podcast! Mario brings great topic, great guests, and it is very easy to listen to. I definitely recommend for anybody interested in business success!

  • It's great
    by Ian Ryan from United States

    Just had a chance to check out your most recent episode appreciate the great insight! Great delivery from the host & can’t wait to dig into future content.

  • Love it!
    by Brendan @ Entrepreneurs&Coffee from United States

    I love that this interview podcast doesn't feature the same old folks that everybody has on their show. Keep it up, Mario!

  • Amazing!!!!
    by Lindsey Russo from United States

    This show is so impactful! Hearing from the experts and how they take authority in their space is so amazing. Looking forward to more episodes!

  • Learned what I didin't even know I needed
    by Camilla-Jean from United States

    Great info. I love the Q episode because I get just quic interst snippets that may get me thinking about where my business might go.

  • Fabulous Interviews!
    by Life&RelationshipCoach from United States

    Mario does a fantastic job interviewing really interesting and successful business people who explain how they got to where they are - tips you won't want to miss when your trying to grow your business! Keep up the great work Mario! Coach Riana Milne

  • A+ Show
    by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    I love this show. It's so entertaining and I learn a lot from the interviews. I highly recommend this show if you want to level up his game as an authority.

  • Inspiration, transformation, success stories!
    by Chabo101 from United States

    The title of this review should just be enough but it is just more than that. Its life lessons, its listening to personal struggles and how they over came those struggles. Love to hear from people that change the world through their struggle and the lessons that i learn from them are just more than amazing. I love this.

  • Great interviews!
    by PodcastManager from United States

    These interviews are well done and his guests are prepared to give really specific insights and stratagies... great podcast, Mario!!

  • Inspiring story of courage
    by StrongHeart<3 from United States

    I love that she found gratitude in her circumstances. lorie is an inspiration

  • Powerful!
    by The Food Heals Podcast from United States

    Mario's interviews cover a variety of topics and provide great value in all areas of your life! Episode 15 discusses how change is temporary and transformation is permanent which was really powerful for me. I love this message! Thank you!

  • Great content!
    by Blakeob85 from United States

    Great answers to common questions many entrepreneurs have! Thanks Mario for sharing your and your guests' insight!

  • Real Actionable Tactics!
    by MattBMaverick from United States

    What I like about Mario's podcast is that he pulls out actionable tactics from his guests that we, the listeners, can actually use. Great show!

  • Great Listen!
    by Real Estate Investor from United States

    Mario and his guests provide useful techniques to succeed in any business venture. The interview style promotes learning through real life examples of his guests. Great listen!

  • Great interviews!
    by Matt B 1818 from United States

    Love hearing these interviews and learning from people who are top in their industry. Mario is a great host and is not afraid to share his emotion!

  • Love it
    by Duffash from United States

    I love hearing interviews of successful business women and taking away what I can learn from their journey. Mario is a great host! I have enjoyed what I have learned so far. Congrats on the launch of your new podcast!

  • Strong, professional, enthusiastic!
    by pm legs from Canada

    If you're looking for an interviewer who's going to take you to investigative places to help you be your best you, through your professional life, you'll love listening to Mario!

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Resources Mentioned

Business Book Checklist

Expert Authority Checklist

Books Mentioned

The Tipping Point | Malcolm Gladwell

What the Dog Saw | Malcolm Gladwell

Who Moved My Cheese | Spencer Johnson

The Alchemist | Paolo Coelho


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What You Will Learn In This Episode

[0:30] We take a moment to thank our sponsor, BeLive

[1:18] – What inspired Robert to start his company

  • It starter out of necessity
  • Robert didn’t want to work for anyone anymore
  • He decided to go ahead and do it

[2:16] – How Robert’s company help clients

  • Help people build their brand
  • Help people establish their voice
  • Help people communicate online
  • Giving people the best strategies to grow their audience
  • How to monetize and create value

[4:25] – How to use Facebook and Instagram to build a brand

  • Robert teaches his clients how to be themselves
  • Robert tries to reprogram their thought process
  • People can relate with your content
  • Focus on the audience that you are speaking to

[7:18] – Shiti Coolers is Robert’s biggest success story

  • Their Instagram followers grew from 500 to 5,000
  • Their $600 sales went up to $10,000
  • Increase in Facebook followers

[11:13] – ATTACC

  • Audience
  • Trust
  • Attention
  • Content
  • Consistency.

[12:12] – “There’s always going to be an audience out there that relates to the things that you relate”

[14:48] – Understand your data to expand your brand

[16:32] – Why speaking is important in personal brands

  • Because you can have conversation with your audience
  • Speaking opens up opportunities

[18:47] – Why video is important for brands

  • It is one of the most effective ways to communicate
  • It is easier to paint pictures for the brand
  • Videos lives in all media platforms

[21:11] – Why Robert produces live events

  • It exposes the brand
  • It builds a network
  • Helps meet new people
  • Create useful database
  • It pulls the network you created online
  • It creates better relationships

[24:38] – Time out to thank our sponsor, BeLive

[25:45] – Imperfect Action Round

  • Be authentic
  • Do something that you truly love
  • Grow audience on all social media platforms
  • Interact with your followers
  • Continuously adding value
  • Under promise, over deliver

[35:16]-  Expert Authority Checklist

[36:31] – We thank our sponsor, BeLive


Episode Transcript

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Intro [0:00]

EA interviews Episode 21. Inspiration, transformation, success stories, and the Imperfect Action Round seven days a week. Join Mario Fachini for today’s Expert Authority Effect Interview. 

SPONSOR BeLive [0:30]

So you want to go live on Facebook but you’re not sure where to start or what to do. Some people say just grab your phone or buy all this expensive software. Well, I have a better option for you. Check out BeLive is the simplest and easiest way to go live on your Facebook with a professional production. Once again, 

Mario Fachini [0:52]

Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Robert Courtney. Robert, it’s a great day to be alive. And I’m excited to have you on the show. 

Robert Courtney [0:58]

Hey, Mario, thank you for having me. I’m super excited to get into this conversation with you. 

Mario Fachini [1:02]

Yeah. It’s going to be a good one. So my first question for you is, what inspired you to start your company? Out of everything you could do, you could go get a job, you could work for someone, you could have other people work for you, what made you decide, “I want to do this”? What led you to your career path? 

Robert Courtney [1:18]

I started my path off of of necessity. I was laid off from my job in 2003. And I really didn’t have a choice. Like I had to figure out, you know, how am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to figure this thing out? And because of my experience with working with an employer, it was one of those situations where I decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone anymore. And if I was going to do something different at that point, I might as well go ahead and make the decision to do it for myself. And so that sent me on the entrepreneurial path. And there’s been no looking back since. 

Mario Fachini [2:02]

Well, I’m glad you decided to venture on it because we were able to meet. So for people that are just meeting you, like I had the pleasure of doing this past year, tell us about your company. Who do you help? And how do you help them? 

Robert Courtney [2:16]

Currently, I own a company called Robert Courtney and Associates, it’s a marketing and branding company. For the most part, we help people build their brands. We help them establish their voice. And then we help them understand how to communicate that online. A lot of that entails managing social media platforms. Giving them the best strategies to grow their audience, teach their audience, or show their audience how to trust them and their brands and their products or services. And then ultimately, how to monetize that and create transactional value from that. 

Mario Fachini [2:56]

That’s fantastic. So many companies need that nowadays. And I think a lot of them just don’t know where to start with that. Is that your experience? 

Robert Courtney [3:04]

Yeah, 100{d1d47f886dfada3fbec120c845cf21cbf2de07a46032aee93c7c36510b4a5e81}. You know, the majority of the clients that decided to work with us are typically individuals who have had a lot of success in the past. And now they understand that they need to transition into the online world, so to speak. And they’re just a little behind the eight ball in understanding how to do that. So most of the time, we’re educating business owners and individuals as well as kind of guiding them through the initial process of transitioning online. And then a lot of people are, you know, going from [9:00] to [5:00]s and wanting to enter into some type of entrepreneurial space. And so a lot of times, they need to know how do I build a business. Everyone knows how to use Facebook and Instagram and these platforms for personal use. But understanding how to use it for business is something a little bit different. So most of the time we spend our days educating them on how to use those same platforms to build their brands. 

Mario Fachini [4:07]

That’s a great segue into what would you say is the best way to be using these to build a personal brand? What would you say is the differentiator from “I’m using Facebook or Instagram for my personal page” versus “I want to use this to build a brand and a company,” if you will. 

Robert Courtney [4:25]

You know what? It’s funny, like, the thing that we have to teach them is actually how to be themselves. It’s like it’s a little on the side that they want to use their Facebook or Instagram for business is we’re how the tone in the way they communicate change. It goes from very relatable captions, very authentic or organic comments to, “Hey. I’m selling this.” or “Hey. I have this product for sale.” We transform into what we’ve heard on the TV or on the radio for the last 10, 15, 20 years. And we want to duplicate that because we’ve been programmed to think if you want to sell a product or you want to sell a service, this is how you say it. And so what we do is we try to reprogram the thought process of individuals and teach them that, “Hey, people buy from you because you’re relatable, because you’re human, because they feel like you’re someone that they can trust, you’re authentic.” Those are the reasons that people want to support your product or support your brand. Not because you’re giving a great discount or because you’re selling this remarkable product. It’s usually about whether or not you were connected to them from somebody that they knew. Or the content that you put out is content that they can relate to and someone that they want to be around. 

Mario Fachini [6:00]

What would you say the biggest issues people have when they go into business mode? What do you think that there’s something they could do across the board that everyone is doing that you see they should stop? 

Robert Courtney [6:11]

Everybody want to sale, sale, sale. Like it’s always about the person’s product or the person’s service. And I think that’s the biggest mistake. It should be — the goal should be to help to educate, to provide value. You should be doing things that’s going to add value to the audience that you’re speaking to. And so when you reverse engineer that mindset to understand that whatever you’re doing, when you’re going into business, it should be for the audience that you’re speaking to. As opposed to helping yourself get to wherever you’re trying to get or to accomplish whatever goal that you’re trying to accomplish. 

Mario Fachini [6:59]

Very good. So let’s talk about your clients. What’s the biggest success story you’ve had so far? From taking someone who wasn’t sure what they were doing to they started working with you and they had – what’s the biggest transformation you’ve been able to give them? 

Robert Courtney [7:18]

Very, very easy answer for me. Actually, it’s a company called – I don’t want to use profanity on your show and some people consider it profanity. So I’ll spell it, it’s S-H-I-T-I Coolers. And that’s the actual brand. These guys came to a seminar that I do every few months called Branding for Beginners. And they didn’t have a direction, so to speak. They weren’t really using social media. They had put some things out on Instagram and some things on Facebook that had – actually, they didn’t even have a Facebook at the time. They only had an Instagram. But they know that they are getting some really good engagement for a really small audience at the time. And they took this idea based off of there’s a brand of coolers out there that are supposed to be like the best coolers on the market. They’re like the luxury high end coolers. Weti? 

Mario Fachini [8:15]


Robert Courtney [8:16]

YETI, there you go. YETI. So they took the YETI brand and the principles of the YETI brand and they decided that they would create a brand completely on the other end of the spectrum from YETI. And so I thought it was an interesting idea. The concepts are cool. But what was most important was, the group of guys were very – it was a very tight knit circle that kind of believed and promoted these ideas. And so they came to a workshop. And in the workshops, I give a very detailed instruction on how you should start, like, step-by-step. You know, grab a domain, grab a Facebook page, grab an Instagram page, turn your Instagram page into a business page, read your analytics, run an ad campaigns, measure the ad campaigns over 30 days, pick which one is working, the one that’s working duplicate that. So I gave them very detailed instructions on how to roll out, take $100, use $25 per week. The ad campaign that worked, take the whole $100, and then put that $100 toward the one that worked in your second month. So they came to that class, follow everything that I told them to do step-by-step. And within one month, they had – their Instagram page I grew to 5,000 followers. So they went from 500 to 5000 followers just in the course of a month. They went from $600 in sales the first month to $6,000 in sales the second month to about $10,000 in the third month. So literally, like a trophy in terms of putting our practices into action and then following step-by-step, and then watching the results come through was just pretty incredible. And you go check them out right now, it’s S-H-I-T-I Coolers on Instagram and on Facebook. And they’re doing tremendous. Probably 200,000 or 300,000 on Facebook in terms of followers. Probably a half. Probably 150,000 to 200,000 followers on Instagram. But their engagement and their sales each month are truly impressive in terms of somebody who started from scratch who came to one of our workshops and followed our strategies, and then was able to execute it and watch the results happen. 

Mario Fachini [10:56]

Wow. That’s a fantastic story. I’m glad you shared it. That’s sounds like what most people would want to have. I mean, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want ten times growth on their audience size. And it sounds like six, seven, eight, nine, ten times in their profits as well. 

Robert Courtney [11:13]

Yeah. You know what? We preach – we have an acronym that’s called ATTACC. And ATTACC stands for Audience, Trust, Attention, Content, and Consistency. And so audience being the priority. Because in our minds, like we talked earlier, it all boils down to a numbers game. So if we can increase the audience, create trust, build the attention, and then obviously create great presentation through our content and do that consistently, the money and the profits kind of naturally follow. 

Mario Fachini [11:52]

So you were talking about your biggest success story and I appreciate you for sharing with us. What would you say is one thing anyone can do starting-off that would help them improve their brand? Because I think people – would you agree that people look at Instagram as one thing, YouTube is one thing, LinkedIn is one thing, and Facebook is another thing?

Robert Courtney [12:12]

Yeah. I think people – just like I said in the beginning, I think people have to learn how to be themselves when it comes to their brand. I don’t think there’s any distinction anymore between a business brand or a personal brand. Two or three years ago, I was very big on deciding whether or not you were building a personal brand or whether or not you were building a business brand. And I feel like there’s no line anymore. I feel like every successful brand, in order to achieve more success, you have to establish yourself and your personal brand to take the business brand or the business side of the brand to its highest possible levels. So I think just understanding who you are, understanding how to communicate your daily activities, your hobbies, your interests, the things that you feel are important to you, because there’s always going to be an audience out there that relates to the things that you relate. And then you use that to bring people into your world, so to speak. And then at that point, they organically find out about the things that you do anyway. 

Mario Fachini [13:28]

That’s a good point because I’ve made this at some of my trainings before. Because people say, “Well, I don’t know if I want to do a personal brand.” Or a common question I get is, “Should I do a personal brand or a business brand?” if you will. And I go, “Well, let’s look at some things.” “You know, Oprah has a company, she’s cool. But she has the Oprah brand along with the company.” I go, “Okay. But everyone knows her. She’s a talk show host. Of course, she does.” And, you know, everyone has an example of an author, a speaker, whatever the case may be. But my favorite two are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Because people think of them as multinational companies and their big brands and all these different things and they have great products and everything. But if you think about it, yeah, they have thousands of people. They’re not just a speaker or an author. But if you think about it, what was Steve Jobs – I mean, what do you think one of Apple’s biggest successes reasons for? What do you think Apple’s biggest success was attributed to? Was it because their products are 100 times better? Or do you think it was Steve’s magic and being able to convey the messaging? 

Robert Courtney [14:37]

It’s really the store retail, 100{d1d47f886dfada3fbec120c845cf21cbf2de07a46032aee93c7c36510b4a5e81}. 

Mario Fachini [14:40]

So even some of the biggest brands such as that, as you mentioned them, they’re still personal brands. They’re just adapting to a business. As far as the personal branding, what would you say is more important? Is it get your branding out there or know your metrics? 

Robert Courtney [14:58]

I think they both work hand in hand. I think data is extremely important. But I think the data doesn’t matter if your personal brand isn’t being established and conveyed. I think one without the other – like if you have one without the other, you fail either way. So I think they go hand in hand depending on what ultimately you’re trying to accomplish. I know so many influencers and people that have established large followings on different platforms. And they’ve never looked at the data in their life because it never really mattered to them. And actually, a lot of those individuals are becoming our clients. Because you need to understand the data in order to expand, in order to build, in order to create partnerships, in order to make yourself interesting to other brands so that they want to use you and work with you. So if you’re ultimate goal is about creating brand deals or collaborations and things like that, that you need to be able to explain the data. And then show why that data makes sense for another person to come and be a part of what you’re doing or for someone to invest or for someone to pay you for the fact that you have a large audience. 

Mario Fachini [16:24]

So you were talking about how people become your clients and some of the events you run. How would you say speaking has helped your business? 

Robert Courtney [16:32]

I think in this world of personal brands, speaking is probably the most important thing. It’s probably the thing that I feel has added to the whole authority and expert. It’s like if you can have a conversation where people are asking you live real time questions and then you can give real time solutions to situations that they’re having problems with. I think the respect for what you do, it just goes to an entirely different level. And so I’ve never set out to become a speaker. I’ve never even really considered myself a speaker. Until this year, I’ve really decided like, “You know what? I’m going to put myself on the speaker rotation and try to actively book gigs and things like that.” But before that, I just wanted to help and answer questions when they were asked. Those scenarios begins to happen more and more where I was getting invited to come out and talk to social media or entrepreneurship or personal branding, etc. And noticing how there would be influx of opportunities that would happen immediately following those bookings and those speaking situations, it was like – okay. Clearly, this is a part or something that I need to make a part of my business as fast as possible because not only am I helping people, but I’m creating another opportunity for myself to generate revenue and to continue to build and expand my personal brand. 

Mario Fachini [18:13]

It’s one of my favorite things to suggest to people because there’s people that have their knowledge, they have their expertise, and they just keep it in the book. They just keep it in their trainings. They just keep it pretty much in the computer, if you will. But they never get into that reality of it’s one of the funnest things to do. Get face-to-face like how we met. It was in person. You can’t replace that no matter how cool this is. However, you also can’t be all places 24/7. So how has video helped your business? 

Robert Courtney [18:47]

Oh, video, I mean, I feel like we’re in the age of video. I feel like video is probably from a social media and digital standpoint. It’s probably one of the most effective ways to communicate any message. I think, it’s getting to a place where it’s almost like, if you don’t have video, then you really don’t exist. Especially, I’m running a marketing company and we’re trying to paint pictures for the brands that we work with. And a lot of times, the first thing they ask as usually an entry point, “Can your company create videos?” And so it’s weird, these businesses are recognizing how important video is, but don’t even have a Facebook page, don’t have an Instagram, don’t have a Twitter. The place where the video would live, those things don’t exist. But the recognition that I need a video because everybody have videos. So I’ll say video is definitely important. It’s probably one of the most important pieces. Back to your point earlier, you kind of mentioned that, I thought you have to do what your strong suit is. So when it comes to orating or speaking live or writing or creating video, you have to figure out what is my niche, what do I do best, and then recognize that to be your strength. But then also make sure you have a little bit of the other stuff in the event the person that you’re trying to connect with actually communicates different than you do. 

Mario Fachini [20:35]

That is powerful. That is very powerful. Play to your power medium. Because video is great, speaking is great, but if you have no desire to do it, you’re not going to enjoy it as much. 

Robert Courtney [20:46]

Exactly. The passion is not going to be there. 

Mario Fachini [20:48]

So I’m going to ask you something because you have a unique perspective on not just speaking and not just video. But you produce your own live events. Not everyone goes to this level. I’ve done some. But I know you do it regularly. And it’s a whole different animal in my experience. What’s your perspective on it? Should people do them or not? 

Robert Courtney [21:11]

I feel like – so I come from what I like to call the old Facebook, 2008, 2009 – 

Mario Fachini [21:22]


Robert Courtney [21:22]

Myspace. I come from Myspace. And so back when we first started Facebook, creating an event on Facebook, inviting 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 people on a Facebook invite was nothing. You could hit the Invite all button and get five of your friends to be a part of an event. And literally invite everybody’s fan base or followers or friends over to the event. Which when you broke those numbers down, if we could get 20,000 people invited to an event then usually 180 to 250 people showed up like clockwork. It was a very systematic approach to organizing live events. So in 2008, we figured why not create events on Facebook with venues, invite those people out, charge a cover of $10 to 20. And at the time, I was only pushing the unique brand – our clothing brand. And it was an opportunity to not only expose the brand but build a network, meet new people, create a database that we can then email, and follow up with email marketing afterwards. And it just was a system that makes sense. Initially, it was very hard to program and organize. But after forcing ourselves to do it for two, three, four years, it became very easy. And I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Now, in today’s space, I feel like having a cool mix between an online presence and then doing some type of in-face event maybe once to four times a year, makes a lot of sense to pull the network that you’ve created online, to pull those people into your realistic kind of network outside of Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and these places. I feel like it creates better relationships. And kind of you seal the deal of the connection that you started online. So I think it’s important if it’s a part of your personality and you can handle some of the logistical things that come with it. But I think the mixture of the two makes for great productivity in terms of building real life relationship. 

Mario Fachini [23:55]

I appreciate you for sharing that with us. Because so many people think, “I need to do live events.” You know, they see you do it, they see me do it. And it’s like, “Oh, that must be the secret.” The secret is we like doing that, right? That’s our personality. We enjoy it. But if it’s not yours, I can point to just as many people that are doing six, seven figures a month and they just stay behind the scenes and you can have a great business that way also. So it really depends on the personality and the strength. And if you even want to because, again, it’s a whole other animal. So I appreciate you for sharing that part with us. We’re going to thank our sponsor and come back to the Imperfect Action Round. Rapid fire, 60-second answers, and I got three questions for you coming right up.

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Mario Fachini [25:45]

All right. We’re back with the Imperfect Action Round. Robert, are you ready to share your wisdom even further? 

Robert Courtney [25:51]

This will be fun. 

Mario Fachini [25:53]

So the first question I have for you is, in your experience, what is the fastest path to the cash? 

Robert Courtney [25:45]

Being as authentic as you possibly can, doing something that you truly love, and I think the money follows. 

Mario Fachini [26:08]

I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. So the next question I have for you, what is the biggest problem you see your audience have and how do they fix it right away? 

Robert Courtney [26:16]

Growing their audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other major platforms. 

Mario Fachini [26:22]

What’s the fastest way they can do it or grow it? 

Robert Courtney [26:24]

The fastest way you can grow it organically is different for platforms. But would you say the main one Instagram is by using hashtags. And Facebook is, by jumping into other people’s conversations and adding your insight and your opinions. And then interacting with your followers. 

Mario Fachini [26:46]

So adding value basically. 

Robert Courtney [26:48]

Adding value for everything. 

Mario Fachini [26:50]

What would you say for a LinkedIn? 

Robert Courtney [26:52]

For LinkedIn, I don’t want to act like I have the answer for LinkedIn because I’m not as savvy there. We’re becoming savvy. But for LinkedIn, I think it’s definitely providing value to the audience for sure. 

Mario Fachini [27:07]

I’m asking personally now. I’m going to throw an audible. But it’s my show so I can do that. I’ve been doing a lot of hashtags on LinkedIn, because, honestly, LinkedIn serving them up when I’m promoting the show. It’s like, “Do you want to add podcasting hashtags?” And it gives me 12 of them. I’m like, “Yeah.” Do you think that’s a good thing for LinkedIn? Or do you think it’s better for Instagram? What are your thoughts? 

Robert Courtney [27:33]

I know for a fact for Instagram. It definitely works for LinkedIn. That’s something that we’re researching. Because we just recently became way more involved in LinkedIn. By the end of this year, I’m going to be just as savvy on LinkedIn as I am on every other platform. But it’s probably given individuals the biggest organic opportunity for growth. If you understand the audience that you’re talking to, if you’re in the professional space, and you can find a happy medium between being yourself and presenting your information in a way where people feel like they’re being helped. So in terms of the hashtags, I’ve used them quite a bit. And I haven’t necessarily seen a big spike in activity in terms of the results for the post. But I still feel like even on LinkedIn, the magic sauce for Facebook and running ads on Facebook, just to throw another nugget out there, if you run an ad about yourself and you expose some very vulnerable parts of your story and how that’s helped you maximize your current business situation, it will do will. Like 100{d1d47f886dfada3fbec120c845cf21cbf2de07a46032aee93c7c36510b4a5e81}, no doubt about it. And I’ve noticed the same thing on LinkedIn. Anytime we’ve done anything that’s come from a vulnerable place and we show how that story or that journey has impacted real life situations and created real life opportunities, people tend to respond well. So I think just sprinkling that authenticity, which I know has been kind of like the theme of our conversation today, I think that’s always the magic sauce. 

Mario Fachini [29:22]

I would have to agree. The platforms change so much. I love how you said, “By the end of the year, I’m going to be as well versed as I am with the other ones.” Because I would say that Instagram is known for the hashtags. I want to say Instagram is known for authenticity as much as some of the others – that’s just me though – in what people share. But the LinkedIn, I noticed they were doing it. And I can personally tell you – I haven’t done extensive research – but I don’t know if it was my title I changed to host of the podcast or it was the hashtags themselves. I’ve had equal amount of people reach out on both though. So I seriously didn’t know if there was a preference for it. I kind of figured it leaned more towards Instagram. But that’s the world we live in. Maybe Facebook is going to go, “Well, we’re going to buy up LinkedIn, too, and just own the whole space.” So who knows what’s going to happen next? But here’s my next question and the last one for you is, I love reading books from 100 years ago, personally. Because all this stuff we’re talking about now, you can talk about LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and what do we come back to? Be yourself, be authentic, do what your strength is. So how do you maximize the customer lifetime value once you bring on a client? 

Robert Courtney [30:37]

By continuously adding value. You have to establish what the customer needs, what the client needs, what their objectives are. And then I feel like – you know, I always go by that old mantra, “Under promise, over deliver.” So it’s kind of like my goal. And my team’s goal is to constantly surprise and constantly go beyond the ask of whatever the client is. Educate them as much as possible with things that they didn’t know. Constantly over achieve in the goals and whatever the objectives were when you first brought them on as a client. And I think as long as you continue to do that, then the client needs you. And then you create a sense of, “We wouldn’t be who we are without having this team behind us,” so to speak. 

Mario Fachini [31:38]

I know what you’re about and it’s one of the reasons I invited you on the show. I love your personality. And I love that you’re sharing. It’s about adding value. It’s about being client centric, like I tell my clients. I think there’s too many people out there, like you said, just going, “Oh. Facebook, LinkedIn. Look, there’s another way I can spam people and put my message out. I have a business, you should from me. Here’s the number.” Seventeen times a day, like, get a little creative. I mean, at least change the number around and get a Google Voice or something. It’s like no creativity whatsoever. So what’s a business – maybe not a business book. Let me redact myself. What book has changed your business the most? 

Robert Courtney [32:19]

I’m a fan of so many books. A few that stand out, like I’m a big Malcolm Gladwell fan. I love The Tipping Point. I love What the Dog Saw. My favorite book is The Alchemist. 

Mario Fachini [32:37]

Paolo Coelho.

Robert Courtney [32:39]

Yes. It’s one of those books where you can’t put it down. You start reading and it’s just like you want to see what happens. But it has so many life lessons that can be applied to business for sure. I’m a book that literally changed my course of life, I think you can say, and it’s a small easy read and a lot of people probably know it, but Who Moved My Cheese. It was just like, I read that book and it was like, light bulb just went off nine or ten years ago. So, yeah. I mean, there’s a ton of books. But The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, I think for somebody that’s just considering entrepreneurship, to understand that everything is momentum based – to put it in my own words. And one action leads to another action, which leads to another action is, I think what the theme of that book was kind of about. And it’s kind of been a model that I’ve kind of built for my businesses. Like, everyday you need to be doing something to create the next opportunity. And the minute you think you’re good and you don’t need to do any more activity is when the world’s going to come crashing down on you. 

Mario Fachini [34:10]

Those are all great recommendations. And it’s interesting you say, Who Moved My Cheese. I actually recommend that -what day is it? – two days ago or one day ago – in the last few days, let’s say. And if you’re listening and you’ve never read it, it’s a great book. And all of them are. So appreciate the recommendations. And I appreciate for having you here. Where can people find you? 

Robert Courtney [34:39]

if you’re on Facebook, you can find our agency Robert Courtney and Associates, A Marketing and Branding Company. Type that in search. If you’re on Instagram, Robert Courtney Collins. And our website is 

Mario Fachini [34:58]

Very good. Well, I appreciate you coming out. It’s been a great time. And I thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone. 

Robert Courtney [35:05]

Yeah. No, thank you for having me. I love to come back and do it again anytime. 

Robert Courtney [35:09]

Excellent. Well, I will talk to you soon. And thanks again. God bless. 

Robert Courtney [35:15]

Take care. 

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Thanks for listening to the episode. I hope you got a lot of value out of it. Let’s continue the conversation over in the community, ExpertAuthorityWorld com. We can have discussions, talk about the episodes, and I’d love to get your thoughts on it. Once again 

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