About Expert Authority Effect™ Interviews

Mario Fachini here and welcome to the show

I’m the founder & host of Expert Authority Effect Interviews, a daily HD video podcast where I interview world-changing inspiring entrepreneurs who have created the Expert Authority Effect™ along their entrepreneurial journey and share how you can too. Now’s YOUR time, so prepare to shine! YOU are the Expert Authority Effect™ 🙂

Are you tired of spending 80% of your time trying to figure out which ones actually did, not leaving any time freedom left to enjoy doing the things you love, and why you started your business in the 1st place, then you’ve got the right podcast.

My goal with Expert Authority Effect Interviews is to deliver the inspiration, strategies, and behind the scenes Expert Authority level insight you need to SHINE! along your entrepreneurial journey and so you can make the impact on your audience and leave the legacy you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve interviewed over 150+ incredible Entrepreneurs, including Joell Comm, Vanessa Horn, Richie Contartessi, Tom Schwab, Leanne Ely, Dino Watt, Kimberley Maska, and many more.

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