Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page To 10,000 Copies Sold

Chander Bolt shares how he started out with failing businesses but noticed that book writing and publishing was the only thing going well for him. He decided to build a company around his skill and this has evolved into the Self Publishing school.

He shares timeless tips on the things any author must consider before publishing a book, what to spend money on and what not to spend money on. He also gives technical, step-by-step advice on the book writing process, and how to go through it faster and easier.

He answers big questions like the question of niching down or going broad, the question of what format to publish your book in, and many more.

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The Business Of We: The Proven Three-Step Process For Closing The Gap Between Us And Them In Your Workplace With Author, TEDx Speaker & CEO Laura Kriska on Episode #0289

When she was just 22 years old, Laura Kriska became the first American woman to work in the Tokyo headquarters of Honda Motor Company. On her first day, she was asked to trade her cream-colored Liz Claiborne suit for an ugly blue polyester uniform which was the beginning of many ‘us versus them’ rules. Laura quickly learned how to build connections across differences of language, ethnicity, race, and gender to create a WE approach. She then used this approach to permanently change a 50-year-old corporate policy. Her experience working with thousands of middle-aged Japanese men inspired her to write her first book ‘THE ACCIDENTAL OFFICE LADY’ – an insightful, honest, and personal account of a young woman coming of age in corporate Japan. She went on to become a sought after cross-cultural consultant for Fortune 500 companies on four continents, including the 12th largest bank in the world.

Inspired to create a ‘WE building’ revolution, Laura wrote her latest book ‘THE BUSINESS OF WE’ – a new approach to diversity, cultural difference, and inclusion that will increase employee retention and productivity and prevent misunderstandings that lead to lost revenue, lost time and increased legal risk. Her WE-building framework provides practical and actionable insights for creating a more inclusive and productive world. Whether a team is developing a vaccine or increasing the efficiency of an international supply chain, fostering a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of all employees is key to success.

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How to Convert Engaged Listeners Into Fanatic Followers and Hungry Buyers Leveraging Podbooker: Guest Podcasting Booking Platform with Founder & CEO Daniel Gefen on Episode #0252

Daniel went from jumping on classroom tables and getting detention for wanting attention to impacting millions of lives in his underwear.

He went from being completely invisible with no online following to growing his podcast to over 250,000 downloads, interviewing billionaires and world class leaders and becoming an international bestselling author in less than 2 years. As a top ranked podcast host he got sick and tired of getting crappy guest pitches from overpriced, lazy PR agencies, so he decided to launch Gefen Media Group – a podcast guest booking agency which helped influential authors sell millions of books by guesting on top rated relevant podcasts.

Seeing a gap in the market for people who couldn’t afford to hire a booking agency, he launched Podbooker – a platform for guests and hosts to easily connect.

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The Whirlpool Effect: Inspire The Flow That Boosts Company Performance with Author & CEO Claire Chandler on Episode #0247

“The biggest impact on a company’s culture is the behavior of its leaders.”

Working with many diverse startups and corporations over the last 25 years, Claire experienced that most companies fall apart once they start to scale. As a solution to this business time bomb, she created the ’Whirlpool Effect’ – a revolutionary way to align your leaders and teams around a unifying vision that attracts, retains and motivates the right talent to achieve your mission. Claire’s simple yet powerful process is helping many companies find and fix bottlenecks that are choking their business performance so they can rapidly scale without the growing pains. It’s time to grow into the leader your people can’t wait to follow.

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Instant Nonprofit™ Helping Successful Leaders Integrate a Charitable/Nonprofit Organization Into Your Life’s Work with CEO Christian LeFer on Episode #0246

Since I was a cartoon-watching kid, I’ve been fighting Simon-Bar Sinister, the arch-nemesis who robs peoples’ potential away, takes over their minds, steals their hope, crushes their dreams. It’s what I was put on this earth to do.

Now I create solutions to benefit the nonprofit sector. My passion has always been to empower others to impact their world: “Unleash your inner hero!”

My family’s involvement in the community and as advocates for foster and adoptive parenting, along with my successful consultancy in founding and fundraising for nonprofits, make my foray into software and solutions for charities a natural.

From 2004 to 2011, I performed high-dollar fundraising and ran special projects across the U.S. for a national grassroots issue advocacy organization, while serving as Executive Director for two state-level groups. During this time I served as a senior adviser or chief evangelist for numerous marketing, issue advocacy, public policy and public officeholder campaigns.

Having organized successful 1st Amendment litigation in state and federal courts, I am proud to have also become a sought-after adviser on free speech and civil liberties issues.

My key strengths include vision, copywriting, marketing (direct and online), and sales. I earned a B.A. from Rutgers University in History/Political Science, cum laude.

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My SEO Sucks, and Why It Doesn’t Have To: How To Generate More Leads and Profit For Your Business with CEO Chris Porteous on Episode #0245

Most people have been burnt at least once by an SEO agency.

While working at a large hedge fund, Chris noticed that the agencies they were working with lacked transparency and were not focused on results.

Realising there were very few credible people in the space, he decided to leave the finance space to help companies grow through smart technology.

Today, his growth focused agency ‘My SEO Sucks’ has helped clients generate tens of millions of dollars a year and has one of the lowest churn rates in the industry (2-3% a year).

In his spare time, Chris created the world’s largest cardboard beach (interesting story)…

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Driving for Dollars Mastery: How to Find Massively Discounted Properties In Any Market with Founder & CEO Zack Boothe on Episode #0287

Just a few years ago, Zack Boothe was a window cleaner. You can even find his window cleaning tutorial videos on youtube with millions of views. However, Zack always dreamt of being a real estate investor. Taking a leap of faith, he walked away from window cleaning, and within a handful of years, he was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. With his successful business, he now spends his time helping others see how simple it is to make money with real estate. Zack is here today to share his insider secrets to finding massively discounted properties regardless of your experience level.
Welcome to the show, Zack!
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Leveraging Copywriting For Profit in a Digital World with Jacob McMillen on Episode #0243

They say it’s best to be the one “selling shovels during a gold rush”. In the last 10 years, e-commerce sales have exploded
from $170 Billion per year to $1.2 Trillion, and every single dollar of that revenue runs through copywriting. Copywriting plays a pivotal role in virtually every lucrative online business model, and as a result, simply offering copywriting as a service has become today’s most reliable business model.

Jacob has discovered this firsthand over an 8 year career that started with selling his Jordans to pay rent and has resulted in
5 consecutive years of six-figure freelancing and the #1 Google search ranking for “copywriter”. He’s used his copywriting earnings to bankroll other businesses, including a $40k/month content agency and a $20k/month education company that has helped thousands of new freelance writers build successful copywriting businesses of their own.

With entire industries going under and millions of people out of jobs they never liked in the first place, Jacob’s on a mission
to help aspiring entrepreneurs discover the pandemic proof skill of copywriting and learn how to trade in their freelance side hustle games for a real, reliable business model.

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