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  • Motivation on Tap
    by AnthonyPGarcia from United States

    Mario brings on some of the most impactful entrepreneurs to hear from. He dives into the key performance factors of their business. He extracts information very well and keeps the show flowing very smoothly. Definitely a show to subscribe to!

  • Starting a Movement
    by JustMe2say from United States

    There are many areas of business and entrepreneurs have an opporunity to gain some insight with this podcast. Excellent interviews!

  • Great Podcast For Entrepreneurs!
    by The Big Game Hunter from United States

    Full of knowledgeable guests and useful information that will help you accomplish your goals in business and in life!

  • Mario Truly Care About His Guests
    by Podcast Junkies from United States

    Having met Mario and spent time with him at Podfest I can truly say that he is passionate about his show. He’s genuine and that clearly comes through in his own story and what he brings to every interview.

  • Put your thinking cap on!
    by Sergeson from United States

    This is probably one of the most information dense podcasts I’ve listened to in many moons. Each episode could easily be expanded out into 2 or 3 hours. Mario does a great job of asking the right questions to get his guests to reveal great tips, tricks and advice. Sure a lot of information can be applied to an entrepreneur but I found a lot of advice applicable to my personal life. This podcast is definitely worth my time to listen to and I’m looking forward to more episodes to come. Great job!

  • Relavant for anyone!
    by HarloB from United States

    I really enjoy Mario and his shows. The Stress and Anger in the Workplace episode was great because it cut to the chase of all the issues around this topic. Great interview!

  • Mario nails it!
    by Mickiezada from United States

    I've listened to Mario for a long time...his podcast is well produced, his guests are influencers and authentic authority, and chock full of insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs. Love it!

  • Mario is the real deal
    by jamesnewcomb.io from United States

    I’ve known Mario personally and professionally for over a year now. He is genuinely interested in helping people succeed, and consistently over delivers in his interactions and valuable advice with fellow entrepreneurs, podcasters, what have you. In this era of showmen who “give value” only if they think they’ll get something in return, Mario stands out as a man among men. Listen to his show and learn what true leadership and value in the marketplace mean.

  • Listening On My Entrepreneurial Journey
    by FromLisa2 from United States

    I was surprised when I stumbled over the servant leadership that shows up in these episodes. It's collaborative. It's focused on relationships with clients versus transactions. I especially enjoyed the episode on getting clients without "selling" because it's more about genuine relationship building.

  • A Gift
    by Lisa Vogt from United States

    Mario uses all his talents, gifts and abilities to produce this life affirming show. It's incredible that we are able to grow our abilities and develop our talents and gifts just through subscribing and listening. Thank you Mario!

  • This show is ON FIRE!
    by tibor.mindsethorizon from United States

    Love your show Mario! Your niche is close to mine but I focus more on mindset and manifestation in a business setting. I tuned into episode #103 with Karen Brown which is dope! Keep up the great work!

  • Entrepreneur Must Listen
    by HWoodwriter from United States

    If you’re an entrepreneur this is a must listen show. So many inside tips and thought processes behind moving your business forward. Mario does a great job with the guests by asking the right questions at the right time. He and his guests give the information you need to grow your business and leadership skills.

  • What a show!!
    by CWLuecke from United States

    Man, do I love interviews with world-changers! Mario does an excellent job gathering the cream of the crop for his show and giving insightful interviews. Check it out!

  • Loved it!
    by Seodrigo from United States

    This interview was very enjoyable. Mario brought on a wise guest by the name of Michael Lauria. I loved the interview and Michael's perspective on the topic. He had wonderful insights and around min 31, he hit something very profound. Excited to share what I learned today with others. Way to go!

  • Great listen
    by trinity3712 from United States

    Good listen. Great range of guests and topics. Something here is you keep listening will help you in many areas of life and leadership b

  • Great Knowledge!
    by Jon Vroman FRD from United States

    Great show Mario! So much valuable information in one episode!

  • Excellent show, very imformative!
    by Shaolin Soprano from United States

    Mario loving the podcast bro, great content, immense value. Enjoying these interviews!!!

  • Helpful Information!
    by The Medicare Nation from United States

    Love the valuable information on these episodes! Lots of tips & tricks for every Entrepreneur to use. Kudos Mario! Diane Daniels Host of Medicare Nation

  • Love Mario’s Attitude
    by marisaimon from United States

    Mario’s heart shines through his interviews, making these fun and positive, and the people he brings on offer such a wealth of knowledge.

  • Lots of Great Info!
    by DarlajPowell from United States

    Mario provides lots of great info and advice in this 7 day a week show.

  • Great Content!
    by LanceJohnson_ from United States

    Mario does a great job of share valuable information that every entrepreneur could use and apply to their journey. Great work! 🙂

  • Important information!
    by Allmenow from United States

    Very engaging information. Mario draws out experiences and knowledge from his guests. Loved the show!

  • Difference-Maker
    by Unlimited Beliefs from United States

    Mario is a master at bringing out, shining a light on, and internalizing the difference-making mindset. His knowledge and experience and mission enable him to synthesize information into diamonds for all of us! What you want is accessible by taking in this show!

  • Excellent Information
    by Stallion golf from United States

    Great advice and information with a wonderful blend of topics! Loved the episode with the british healthcare professional and the ideas shared on how to make the industry better.

  • Motivating and valuable information
    by Calvin Javier from United States

    Great insight on mindset from business leaders and entrepreneurs making things happen. Definitely worth your attention. Will be listening and learning more!

  • Good information
    by FIRE NATION! from United States

    Engaging interview with a british health pro, I was surprised to hear the similarties and the application she has for making healthcare better

  • Greatness
    by MiaSportFanatic from United States

    Have had the chance to listen to one show so far but man, we should be paying for this information. Lots of greatness. Thanks for the heart to serve.

  • Listen to the experts - and thrive!
    by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States

    There's a lot of advice out there these days but, sadly, a lot (and I mean a LOT) of is from people with little to no expertise. That's not the case with this gem of a show. Listen to what the experts say and profit from the experience!

  • Show is amazing!
    by JohnnySwim32 from United States

    I love learning about mindset and how to master my thoughts. This show provide the tools!

  • Great show!
    by Jefferson_79 from United States

    Great information for all businesses.

  • Good value!
    by Audrey purplele from United States

    Great information that applies to any business! I really felt he provided value for my time.

  • Interesting Topic
    by Eric Oler from United States

    Interesting topic. Great interviews. Keep up the hard work!

  • Helpful Advice from Experts
    by ichuck2 from United States

    Mario talks to experts in a wide range of subject matters and asks good questions to pull out helpful advice.

  • What a great show!
    by Christopher List from United States

    Mario really brings out the best in his guests. The police dog trainer had such a great story. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Great!!!
    by tommye w-c from United States

    Great podcast, awesome guests, incredible host!!!

  • Fun & informative
    by Saoirse Sky from United States

    Some people want something fun, others want something informative. This podcast gives you both!

  • Great show!
    by CJThomas6 from United States

    Very inspirational show! Appreciate the advice and thoughts shared by the host and his guests!

  • Great podcast
    by Rosie81200 from United States

    Great podcast! Love hearing about the guests’ journeys and what they learned from them.

  • Never Stop Learning!
    by Terri in Fairhope from United States

    Tune in to this great podcast and host! You're probably really good at what you do (top of your game...an Expert Authority), but there is always more to learn...streamline processes and gain more freedom in your life. It's not always about the bottom line. This one is worth a listen!

  • Amazing!
    by KatieBrooksIV from United States

    If you're looking for inspiration, tune in to listen to Mario and his top notch guests. I find that I am always much more motivated after listening to an episode of Expert Authority Effect!

  • Wonderful show!
    by @IV-Heather Tieben from United States

    Mario is a great host & puts on a wonderful show. The quality of his interview guests and entire production is impeccable, I couldn't recommend Expert Authority Effect more!

  • You Will Not Be Disappointed!
    by Composer 1853 from United States

    Mario does such a great job of engaging his guests from several different disciplines.

  • The hardest working man in Podcasting
    by EOFire.com from United States

    Mario brings the HEAT with real energy and FIRE...don't miss the meteoric rise of this show! ~ John Lee Dumas

  • Great interviews and guests!
    by Mel Good Karma from United States

    Thanks for hosting such great interview guests. Look forward to hearing more and kudos on so many a week and also videos!

  • Fantastic
    by Jason A. Duprat from United States

    Awesome podcast, going to be adding this one to my list. Interesting topics with great interviews, good sound quality.

  • Enjoying!
    by Slordan from United Kingdom

    Enjoy listening to Mario and how he opens up the conversations to ensure it’s as relevant to us as listeners!

  • Nice variety and interesting topics
    by emjgreen from United States

    Love the variety of topics presented here on this show. Looking forward to listening to more of Mario's show.

  • Super Mario
    by jamesnewcomb.io from United States

    Mario is the real deal and BRINGS IT to his own podcast and everywhere he interacts in the world. If honesty and vulnerability bother you, please move on to the next podcast.

  • Great Content! Great Interviews!
    by No BS Mompreneur from United States

    Wow! Really enjoy listening to all these fabulous expert authorities!! Lots of valuable take aways that I can implement into my life. I will continue to listen and share with others!! A+++

  • A great addition to build authority and create an impact
    by Cloris Kylie from United States

    A great addition to build authority and create an impact. Also, a different twist on the topic. Engaging. 5 stars!

  • Filled with motivation and ideas
    by Thomas O'Grady, PhD from United States

    Mario does a great job interviewing and pulling the stories behind people's stories or success. Good pleasant listen. If you are in a journey of your own, these episodes will give some things to bring into your on life.

  • spartancv
    by spartancv from United States

    Great job following your passion, your purpose and creating this podcast to help serve others! Keep up the excellent work.

  • This podcast is the bomb
    by Posturedoc from United States

    Mario always crushed it, and this podcast is another example of his amazing insights and knowledge!! Great work.

  • Wow - love the video show.
    by Thehighenergygirl from United States

    Thank you for the encouragement and tips on how to succeed on video and the repurposing idea.

  • Motivating and Inspiring!
    by KatyJoyWells from United States

    Mario brings such enthusiasm to his shows and his content is fantastic. I’m always learning new things to implement or new ways to grow, thanks Mario!

  • What a great show!
    by Gene_HPLN from United States

    Awesome podcast! Mario brings great topic, great guests, and it is very easy to listen to. I definitely recommend for anybody interested in business success!

  • It's great
    by Ian Ryan from United States

    Just had a chance to check out your most recent episode appreciate the great insight! Great delivery from the host & can’t wait to dig into future content.

  • Love it!
    by Brendan @ Entrepreneurs&Coffee from United States

    I love that this interview podcast doesn't feature the same old folks that everybody has on their show. Keep it up, Mario!

  • Amazing!!!!
    by Lindsey Russo from United States

    This show is so impactful! Hearing from the experts and how they take authority in their space is so amazing. Looking forward to more episodes!

  • Learned what I didin't even know I needed
    by Camilla-Jean from United States

    Great info. I love the Q episode because I get just quic interst snippets that may get me thinking about where my business might go.

  • Fabulous Interviews!
    by Life&RelationshipCoach from United States

    Mario does a fantastic job interviewing really interesting and successful business people who explain how they got to where they are - tips you won't want to miss when your trying to grow your business! Keep up the great work Mario! Coach Riana Milne

  • A+ Show
    by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    I love this show. It's so entertaining and I learn a lot from the interviews. I highly recommend this show if you want to level up his game as an authority.

  • Inspiration, transformation, success stories!
    by Chabo101 from United States

    The title of this review should just be enough but it is just more than that. Its life lessons, its listening to personal struggles and how they over came those struggles. Love to hear from people that change the world through their struggle and the lessons that i learn from them are just more than amazing. I love this.

  • Great interviews!
    by AlyciaDarby.com PodcastManager from United States

    These interviews are well done and his guests are prepared to give really specific insights and stratagies... great podcast, Mario!!

  • Inspiring story of courage
    by StrongHeart<3 from United States

    I love that she found gratitude in her circumstances. lorie is an inspiration

  • Powerful!
    by The Food Heals Podcast from United States

    Mario's interviews cover a variety of topics and provide great value in all areas of your life! Episode 15 discusses how change is temporary and transformation is permanent which was really powerful for me. I love this message! Thank you!

  • Great content!
    by Blakeob85 from United States

    Great answers to common questions many entrepreneurs have! Thanks Mario for sharing your and your guests' insight!

  • Real Actionable Tactics!
    by MattBMaverick from United States

    What I like about Mario's podcast is that he pulls out actionable tactics from his guests that we, the listeners, can actually use. Great show!

  • Great Listen!
    by Real Estate Investor from United States

    Mario and his guests provide useful techniques to succeed in any business venture. The interview style promotes learning through real life examples of his guests. Great listen!

  • Great interviews!
    by Matt B 1818 from United States

    Love hearing these interviews and learning from people who are top in their industry. Mario is a great host and is not afraid to share his emotion!

  • Love it
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    I love hearing interviews of successful business women and taking away what I can learn from their journey. Mario is a great host! I have enjoyed what I have learned so far. Congrats on the launch of your new podcast!

  • Strong, professional, enthusiastic!
    by pm legs from Canada

    If you're looking for an interviewer who's going to take you to investigative places to help you be your best you, through your professional life, you'll love listening to Mario!

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Resources Mentioned

Business Book Checklist

People Mentioned

Bud Williams

Fred Provenza

Books Mentioned

Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us about Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom | Fred Provenza

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert


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What You Will Learn In This Episode

[0:56] – We thank our sponsor, Acorns

[1:47] – Get to know Grahame’s inspiration in starting his business

  • He grew up in a farming family.
  • Had the opportunity to meet with Bud Williams and learned about low stress stock handling and marketing.
  • His business helps livestock producers in building a profitable business and on how to make good business decisions.

[4:53] – Grahame teaches us his marketing principles

  • Universal marketing principles.
  • “It’s about knowing the price of what you’re going to sell.”
  • Balancing your inventories and understanding yourself.

[7:59] – When pressure is applied, it must be released

  • Training people how to work around the animals, and not like being a “predator.”
  • “Marketing” is just not selling.
  • The enrollment conversation and the registration conversation.

[11:16] – Connecting with people

  • Building rapport and trust.
  • Creating and communicating with your network.

[16:53] – Grahame’s biggest client transformation

  • A web designer who turned into a livestock investor.

[20:40] – “You don’t reap anything, if you don’t sow something.”

[23:05] – “Just start something and then manage it.”

  • You can build your skills over time because you’re managing your growth.

[26:44] – Audio and video benefits for Grahame’s business

  • He records his interviews on a CD and his masterclass members get a CD pack every month.

[32:40]:] – Book recommendation

[35:35] – We take a moment to thank our sponsor, Acorns

[37:01] – Grahame answers the Imperfect Action Round

  • Fastest path to cash is looking at cutting the costs.
  • The biggest problem his prospects are making is not making a decision.
  • We all have the ability to grow.
  • Gaining customer lifetime value roots from how you brand yourself from the very beginning and being connected with the community you built.
  • Book recommendation: Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

[41:30] – Get in touch with Grahame Reese

[42:29] – We thank our sponsor, Acorns

Episode Transcript

Click Here to Enjoy Reading the Full Episode Transcript

Intro  [0:00]  

EA Interviews Episode 54. Inspiration, transformation, success stories and the Imperfect Action Round, seven days a week. Join Mario Fachini for today’s Expert Authority Effect Interview.

Mario Fachini  [0:13]  

Expert Authority world I’m excited to be here with you for another great episode. I have Grahame Reese who is a fourth generation sheep and wool producer, he’s going to be sharing with us from the Australian outback. Now, the reason I wanted Grahame on the show is, he doesn’t just know what he’s doing with farming. He knows what he’s doing with producing, and with marketing. He was showing me some things before we started filming. And I am excited for him to share with you how you can profit from livestock. Because he’s not just doing one part of it. He’s doing the whole spectrum of it. And he’s going to be sharing with you the inside secrets. So I’m excited to bring them up right after we thank our sponsor

SPONSOR – Acorns  [0:56]  

How would you like to grow your wealth easier than you think with the change you probably don’t don’t notice anyhow automatically? That’s why I started the compounding interest snowball investing with Acorns and advise you do too. Get started simply and easily today at EAinterviews.com/Acorns.

Mario Fachini  [1:13]  

All right, ladies and gentlemen, here he is Mr. Grahame Reese. Graham, how are you feeling today?

Grahame Reese  [1:19]  

I’m really great, Mario. It’s great to talk to you across the pond. And you know, what I’m really excited about is that I’m already in tomorrow here in Australia and you’re just, you’ll catch up.

Mario Fachini  [1:32]  

I love it here and when you talk about that and say across the pond, you know, a little bit about a body of water in there. But I want to ask you, why did you get into doing what you do, what inspired you to start your company?

Grahame Reese  [1:47]  

You know, Mario, I had actually grown up in a farming family and spend all my life farming and thought that’s what I was going to do. You know, just round up sheep and run a sheep and wool business. However in 1999, a US gentleman by the name of Bud Williams came out here to Australia and Bud had spent all his life studying the way animals work. And also studying marketing and I was lucky enough to get four days with him on my farm. And that changed my life and my wife’s life in terms of thinking about how we’d work animals in a low stress way. And then also learning about his marketing knowledge. And so what happened is we needed to educate our kids. And so we moved away for a little bit and had to do something, so I got teaching low stress stock handling and also teaching or developing the livestock marketing school with two other partners and teaching that for the last 15 years.

Mario Fachini  [2:51]  

So tell us about who you help and how you’re helping them.

Grahame Reese  [2:55]  

Okay, so the people that I work with are livestock producers. And one of the biggest challenges in what I call the commodity market, which is where, you know, most ranchers, most producers produce their livestock or their produce, and they just put it off to the market. And they’re at the whim of market prices. And we can’t control that, we’re price takers when we’re in the commodity arena. And so what we do is we teach people that it’s more about knowing what their cost of carriers, knowing how to when they need to keep animals, when they need to sell animals, and the thing they can control is their costs. And so that’s… we spend two and a half days teaching people there, really helping them to build a more profitable business and how to make really good decisions.

Mario Fachini  [3:49]  

Are all of your clients local to your area? Are they all over Australia? Who are you helping geographically?

Grahame Reese  [3:59]  

Yep. So we’ve got clients right across Australia, I’ve just come back from Perth, which is Western Australia. So that’s like going from LA to New York, it’s just this bigger country. And then in Brisbane, we had people come out from South Africa, we’ve had someone from the US come out. So we’ve got people sort of all over the world. And actually, we’re looking to bring that program to the US next year, where we want to bring it home too, because Bud’s passed away to date, but his wife’s still around in the US. We want to bring that back.

Mario Fachini  [4:32]  

So the principles that you’re teaching with your schooling really are essentially universal, that you can take this globally correct?

Grahame Reese  [4:41]  

They are, and that’s a really good point, Mario, there’s a lot of people teach.

Mario Fachini  [4:46]  

Well, I’m glad you’re agreeing to it, because it sounded like it. But I was like, I hope he doesn’t say no.

Grahame Reese  [4:53]  

Well, you see a lot of people out there and doesn’t matter what training arena it is, people would go to a course with a silver bullet. A lot of people teach silver bullets. However, when you teach the principles, so both programs we teach, the stock handling has seven principles, and the marketing has five principles. And the thing about principles is that they are universal all around the world; doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter where you are. Those principles will work even in real estate, because fundamentally, it’s about knowing the price of what you’re going to sell, what it’s going to cost you to say renovate that real estate, and what it’s going to cost you to buy that new one. And so we’re trading the margins, we’re not worried about what the markets going to do something that’s totally out of their control.

Mario Fachini  [5:40]  

Can I get you to share a couple of those principles with us?

Grahame Reese  [5:43]  

Well, yeah. So the farming one is, the first principle is the most important one. It’s called balance your inventories of livestock, grass, and money. And if you know for those people listening, that maybe aren’t a farmer, it makes logic that, you know, most farmers or ranchers think they’re livestock producers, but actually they’re grass produces, and we need to make sure we’ve got enough grass for the animals, we have or all we’re going to get into trouble. So if we buy animals, in effect, with sold grass, and we’re sold money to those animals we bought. So that’s principle one. And it’s fundamental to how you run a ranch or a livestock business. I want to mention them all. But the fifth principle is known as understand yourself. And actually, it is the most important principle. Because everybody, when you work with principles, everybody’s different. There’s no, you know, people bring us up all the time. And I was, I had someone ring me the other day. And they said, I went to your course for two and a half days, and you got a lot of questions. And you never answered one of them. All you did was ask a question back. And I think that’s the whole point, we have to become more independent.

Mario Fachini  [6:56]  

I love that. So if someone wants to know, I mean straight up, you’ve piqued my interest, where can we find the other principles at? Are they on your website? Do you have a checklist?

Grahame Reese  [7:08]  

Like to come to the school? Haha. No, no, they’re simple principles like every day we sell or buy, know the price relationship between what we have to sell and buy today. So that’s in the marketing. In the stock handling, you know, again, I won’t go through all those principles, because that’s a whole call in itself. But the one principle I would always say to people is when pressure is applied, it must be released. The stock handling will work just as much with people. As you know, maybe you’re probably a bit like me, you didn’t work for anyone for very long, because you just got…

Mario Fachini  [7:45]  

What gave that away?

Grahame Reese  [7:48]  

That’s right. Well, you’re not going to be near Chicago, if you don’t visit Chicago, you’re going to be mayor of…

Mario Fachini  [7:58]  


Grahame Reese  [7:59]  

Detroit. Yeah, you’re not going to be mayor of Detroit, if you just go and work a job. So but in the workplace, you know, let’s just apply it to people. If your bosses like this, what if you haven’t done this, you haven’t done that, you haven’t done this, you know, really putting pressure on, then eventually you just bile and livestock are the same. Whereas when pressure is applied, you know, I say, “Hey, Mario, how you going on that project?” And you give me an answer, and I go, “Okay, do you think you’ll have it done by Tuesday?” Okay, I’ll see you Tuesday. So I’ve just put a bit of pressure on that, then I’ll released it, and let you work away. And livestock are the same. You see, the problem with livestock is that, you know, for 10s of thousands of years, we’ve been predators wanting to eat them. And so they see us as a predator.

Mario Fachini  [8:49]  

And I take it that part of it is you have to train them that, you know, you’re there to help them and take care of them at least for a little bit.

Grahame Reese  [8:57]  

Uh, well the livestock program is a two day physical program. But it’s not about, it is partly about training animals, but it’s actually about training people to work around animals, unlike a predator.

Mario Fachini  [9:14]  

So it’s not training the animals to trust us more, it’s being respectful towards them. So that way, you know, you communicate on their natural level.

Grahame Reese  [9:27]  

It’s a mutual thing, it’s a mutual thing. And why I keep bringing it back to people is a lot of people listening to this may not be livestock producers or ranchers. But…

Mario Fachini  [9:40]  

But at the core of it, it’s that mutual respect. And you know…

Grahame Reese  [9:43]  


Mario Fachini  [9:44]  

The same way you treat people. There’s a lot of people that look at others as predators and you know, let’s throw ourselves at the will of here, you know, how many people look at “marketers” and go, “Oh, they’re just out to get something or they’re just here to sell me.” It’s like, no marketing is storytelling, to get you educated, to go, “Hey, is this a good decision or not?”

Grahame Reese  [10:07]  

That’s a really good point, Mario. And I think we’re marketers. You know, I did a program a long time ago called the Landmark Forum. And, they teach you about, there’s two conversations, there’s an enrollment conversation, and there’s a registration conversation. And enrollment conversation is leaving somebody touched, moved and inspired. And registration conversation is, “Hey, buy this thing.” You know, most people just go out there and have a registration conversation. But my belief is, if you don’t do the enrollment conversation properly, they’ll actually ask, Where do I register? And I think that’s so, so important in marketing.

Mario Fachini  [10:46]  

I would have to agree I’ve been using an enrollment process for a couple of years with qualifying for my masterclass and all that and I’m hearing certain words, you’re saying in a new light that I’ve honestly never heard before. Because right now, when you said enrollment versus registration, I just thought it’s what everyone used. But I’m noticing more and more word specifically, you know, enrollment has a different connotation than registration is that is connotation or denotation, I have no clue.

Grahame Reese  [11:16]  

Well, we are. And I think it’s about being interested in the person. You know, as I heard recently, the other day, you know, somebody said, when you meet somebody, just ask them five questions about themselves, you know, don’t talk about the weather and the ridiculous stuff. Ask them five serious questions. And you’ll build rapport very, very quickly. And I think that’s, I guess I don’t know whether that’s something I kind of have naturally or develop. But, you know, my wife and I fly fishing, you would have no idea how many times we’ve been out fishing and talking to the guy next to us. And before long, we’re actually staying at their house that night, you know, it’s just because we build it, we’re just able to build that connection, whereas lots of people don’t want to build those connections.

Mario Fachini  [12:03]  

And that’s one of the reasons I invited you on the show, because I knew you had heart, I knew you were a great people person. And it’s frankly, one of the things I’m looking forward just with people to even know is do they actually care about other people? Because I’ve ran into that in the past. You know, not everyone does. And I’m glad you touched upon asking them about themselves. Matt, if you’re listening, my friend, Matt Lang, I’ve told him this story. And one of the things I tell people is, when you’re talking to someone for the first time, I’ve played a game to see how long I can go without talking about me. Because I don’t really care about me. I care about you, I want to know about you. And some people, you’ll go a minute or two and they get like, you can watch their body language just get jittery. Like, why are they asking me questions, because they’re so used to surface stuff, other people, they’ll go 35 minutes just talking about themselves, they won’t ask one question about you. And it’s not that I’m hiding anything. It’s more of a – do they even have the foresight to realize it’s been 10, 15 minutes, they haven’t asked me anything. I mean, I generally do care, but it’s also somewhat of a qualifier to go. Are you just going to be talking about you the whole time? Do you even care? And there’s been people that are like, “Oh, I need your help, we need to talk. Here’s my number, give me a call.” And they never even asked my name.

Grahame Reese  [13:40]  


Mario Fachini  [13:41]  

I’m like, what do you think the likelihood I’m going to stop everything I’m doing, stop helping all the people I’m helping, stop all the interviews I’m doing to help even more people, to call them to help them and they didn’t ask my name.

Grahame Reese  [13:57]  

Yeah. It is building that trust. You know, one of the things we offer our graduates of the marketing school  is the ability to join the mastermind. And you know, our mastermind, we’ve been running that since 2006, I think it is. It’s made up of a lot of tools and products, but it also is very much about a support network. And, you know, when I’m actually, you know, sharing it at a school, I say to them, “Look, you can call me 24/7.” And they look at me like, “What?” And I go, “Well, it doesn’t mean call me 24/7.” But if you found yourself in a situation where you didn’t have anyone to talk to, and you needed to call me at two o’clock in the morning, then you call. Now, no one ever has, and I’m genuine about that. And and it’s amazing actually, people have called me about situations and they say, “I’ve called you because I don’t have anyone else to ask this question to, you know, a personal question.” So it’s not what we aim for, but it’s about building, when you have that trust with people, you just know you’re doing the job right.

Mario Fachini  [15:07]  

Yeah, it’s about that core relationship. You know, being a human. I put something out earlier talking about, when you’re around impressive people, you have to be more than just impressive. So many people aim for just that. And it’s like, be human, build a connection with them, find out what they’re really about. Anyone can buy clothes, or do their hair differently, but what is at their core? What are their dreams? So do you touch that in your two day training?

Grahame Reese  [15:35]  

Well, I’ll tell you what, we were very transparent, so two of us do actually run the training program together. So one will teach and then the other one teaches and so that’s good, because you can bounce off each other. And so we’re very transparent about stuff, we’re not hiding behind smoke and mirrors, we tell the good, the bad, the ugly about ourselves, and the things that worked, and what didn’t work. And I think that’s important as well to be transparent. And we really do build that rapport with people. And what’s fun is when people get in the mastermind, because we’ve got people that have been in there since 13 years, actually the other day in Perth, there was a guy there. And he’s been in there the whole time 13 years, and you know, they’ve become like family, because you get to know a lot about those people. But you also know that you’ve actually been able to give some tools and principles to help them change their business and change their lives.

Mario Fachini  [16:41]  

That’s huge. And I’m so glad you’re doing it. Let me ask you, what’s the biggest transformation you’ve seen from one of your clients or students, let’s say who came through your school?

Grahame Reese  [16:52]  

Look, I think there’s various ones. But I think the fun one is, there was a young guy who was a web designer. But he had this dream that he wanted to earn some cattle. And I’d met this guy on Twitter, actually. And he had a bit of a go at marketing with me. And I said, “Well, you can’t really say that until you come into one of my schools.” And so he actually paid his money and came to the school. And at the end of the school, he came up to me and he said, “Do you give 100% money back guarantee?” And I said, “Well, yeah, I do.” And he said, “Well, I think I need to get my money back.” Because he said I got no land. He said, I’ve got no cattle. I don’t know what I’m going to do this knowledge. I said, “Well, how much money have you got?” And he said, “I’ve got $7,000.” And I said, “Okay, what if I give you an honorary member, be an honorary member of the mastermind?” And I can tell you a story as we go along. And so he became a member, he found some some custom grazing adjustment with one of our mastermind members. And with that $7,000, he went out and bought 10 heads of cattle. And over three years, he didn’t take any money out, he just kept putting his profits back in over three years, he built that to 70 on head of cattle. And I don’t know what that would have been worth, but probably somewhere around $100,000. So there’s a guy who didn’t didn’t even know anything about livestock, but found a way to do it. And I think it just shows the exponential value of what we do. And he did do everything right. Because you know, I made sure. That’s quite an amazing story. And if you take that out to a normal livestock producer, you know, they can have huge, huge benefits.

Mario Fachini  [18:43]  

And what’s the timeframe on that, because that is a huge ROI. Three years?

Grahame Reese  [18:48]  

About three years.

Mario Fachini  [18:49]  

And how old was he?

Grahame Reese  [18:52]  

He’s probably 25, 26.

Mario Fachini  [18:54]  

So he essentially has his entire life ahead of him to continue to generate more ROI on the initial investment. But even with that, it sounds like he 10 or 12X has returned.

Grahame Reese  [19:06]  

He did and to be fair, some of that was gifted by the market, the market rose. So some of it was, but most of it was done just in selling 10, buying 15, selling 15, buying 24, selling 24, buying 35. So that’s what’s really helped him. The other, probably just another quick example of what’s really helped people. Here in Australia right now we’ve got a pretty big drought areas, some have been in drought for seven years, but some for a couple of years. And the difference, you know, I mentioned that principle, balancing grass, money and livestock. So when they ran out of grass, they actually just sold their livestock and put the money in the bank, contrasting that with some people who, when they ran out of grass, they then took some of their money and went and bought high end grain and feed their livestock, and then they’ve run out of money. And so the people that adjust, balancing that grass, money and livestock, especially through the drought are in way better shape than people that are probably following a lot of the traditional ways of thinking.

Mario Fachini  [20:13]  

Let me ask you about reaping and sowing, because it’s absolutely a biblical principle and scriptural and, you know, people hear different variations, you get what you give and stuff like that. But, I don’t know a ton of farmers in the US, but let me ask you about that. Because you just gave a good example about it. Tell me of your perspective on reaping and sowing.

Grahame Reese  [20:40]  

Well, on reaping and sowing, I’m not into producing grains or crops. However, you don’t reap anything, if you don’t sow something. And so if we think about it in terms of marketing, it’s the work we do, whether it be on social media, whether it be on branding, whether it be on this show, this show is a good example. Here you are sowing the seed, you and I we’re having a discussion, both of us, and we’re actually sowing the seed, and that’s the important thing there is, you just can’t go out and harvest. You know, that’s that registration conversation, “Hey, let’s go and get some clients.” Now, we’ve got to till the soil, we’ve got to fertilize the soil, we’ve got to sow the seeds, we’ve got to water those seeds, we’ve got to take the weeds out. It’s a process that over a period of time, depending on the plant, or depending on what we’re doing, in order to reap that harvest. And I think farming can be used in all analogies in marketing, in any business. Because when you sow that seed and you fertilize it and you look after that plant, especially if it was a fair fruit plant, then it’s going to give you fruit for years and years and years to come.

Mario Fachini  [22:03]  

Well, I appreciate your perspective on it, because it’s so fitting. And you’re right, you don’t need to be a farmer to realize it. But too many people are the takers in to touch upon the transformational story with the gentleman. Maybe the market did rise a little bit, but you said the key he bought 10, invested in 10, bought 15, invested in 20, bought 24. Now, maybe that would have taken him four or five years. But what I heard is he started, he said I had nothing, but he started and there’s people that will go, “Well, this might take me eight or 10 years.” Well, maybe the market four years from now will fluctuate. And because you decided to start paddling, at surfing – a wave analogy, because you decided to start paddling and just get on the board, it will carry you a little bit more, there are these little boosts that you don’t expect. But even if nothing does happen, hey, maybe it would have taken five years. And now you did in 3, 4 and a half.

Grahame Reese  [23:06]  

A rancher shared that with me in the US last year. He said, “Just start something and then manage it.” You know, we were actually very good at managing things once we get out, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. We manage our way through situations. But we’re really poor at starting, you know, “I can’t start until I’ve got this done.” “I’ve not gotten my logo down.” “I can’t start until till I know I’m perfect.”  Look I talked to 3000 sheep for for most of my life. And then here I am teaching and you know, the first livestock marketing school I taught, if I’d have taken any notice of the comments I have given up because you know, people basically said I probably would never make a teacher. But today, I don’t know, you could put me in front of 1000 people, it doesn’t bother me, I’ll just talk. So you just start and you just keep on growing and learning and you’ll build your skills over time because you’re managing your growth.

Mario Fachini  [24:07]  

I can relate that to when I’m helping my clients with their books and their videos and all of that stuff. “What about this?” “The light’s off.” “The covers not done.” What’s the biggest impact that your book has made for your business?

Grahame Reese  [24:21]  

Well, I haven’t actually done a book myself. But I have a book here that my wife has created. It’s a 243 page recipe book. Which, you know, there’s a good example, she had no idea how to put together a recipe book. So much so, she’s an intuitive cook. So she doesn’t measure anything when she cooks, she just keep stuff in and cooks these amazing, amazing things. And so when she was asked to put a recipe book together, there she is with sticky notes all over the kitchen, because he had to write down everything she did. Then she didn’t know how to use Facebook. And so she actually was posting those in a Facebook group and the pictures. She didn’t know how to do photographs. And so what did she have to do? She had to go and learn how to do photographs. I was just looking here to find a photograph for you. I don’t know if you can see, if anyone can see that. Look at that amazing photograph. And then on the other side is that, now she didn’t know how to do photographs, but she found an app called Foodie App. She photographed all those on her own with her iPhone.

Mario Fachini  [25:35]  

There’s an app for a foodie?

Grahame Reese  [25:37]  

Yeah, Foodie App. It’s a photographing app. And so there we are, you know, I’d be holding the light up here. And she’s got her phone. So every one of those photos was taken there. So she put all those recipes together. And then she’s like, “Well, now it’s going to go into a book. What do you know about that?” I don’t know anything. And we have a mutual friend, Bruce Jones. And so I tapped into Bruce and he showed me how to use InDesign. He showed me how to use LightRoom. And, you know, just got started. And we figured out how to put that book together and we launched, we launched Be Inspired. It’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free recipes book. And the first print run of 750 went out, we actually only got a couple left. And we haven’t even launched it International. It’s only launched in Australia right now.

Mario Fachini  [26:31]  

Wow, that’s impressive. Let’s talk about your training. How has your CDs DVDs, all your training materials like you were holding up? How have those impacted your students?

Grahame Reese  [26:44]  

Well, one of the things Mario, that I’ve done ever since 2006 is interview experts around those three things grass, money, livestock, and people. And so I’ve been able to interview experts all around the world. And when I get those, I just do them on a teleconference system. But then, because a lot of my clients are farmers, guess what farmers spend a lot of time in their track of their tractor, and don’t necessarily have good internet coverage. And back in the day, there wasn’t iTunes anyway. But so what I did is I turned them into into CD packs. So inside there is four audio CDs, and I have over 80 hours, I’ve put all the best ones on CD and I’ve over 80 hours on audio CD and so people in my mastermind, they get access to those. I send out a pack every month and you know, that’s a couple of years, isn’t it? Then we got the live ones. I mean, later on today, I’m interviewing somebody that’ll go on a CD.

Mario Fachini  [27:50]  

Interview is a pretty fun processes isn’t it?

Grahame Reese  [27:53]  

Look I I’ve met some amazing people and learned so much. Suppose I’m a bit selfish in that way. You know, I do these interviews because I interviewed the people I really want to listen to. But the other thing, and I did the same last year, I took a trip to America and visiting a regenerative agriculture, visiting 16 ranchers. We started in Dallas, Texas, and we ended up right up on top of Montana and finishing in Jackson Hole. And it was an amazing, amazing trip. But the places we went to visit were the people I wanted to visit and that’s the same this year, I’m going back again this year and guess what? We’re going to the people I want to visit, but I’m taking a group of people with me and how much fun is that?

Mario Fachini  [28:40]  

That sounds like a lot of fun. I’m going to call Audible here. Are you ready for a challenge?

Grahame Reese  [28:46]  

I’m ready for the challenge.

Mario Fachini  [28:48]  

How are you interviewing the people you’re with in person? You said you normally do a teleconference line, how are you doing it?

Grahame Reese  [28:58]  

Very few, because usually they’re not close by, but I do occasionally like at the end of the trip. Which one? This one is CD pack 20, I sat down with one of the guys on the trip, we sat down actually on Island Park Idaho and we just had two microphones and we said let’s make a CD of the trip. Four hours later we had four CDs.

Mario Fachini  [29:25]  

So here’s the challenge for this year’s trip.

Grahame Reese  [29:30]  


Mario Fachini  [29:31]  

What if I say you should do it on camera?

Grahame Reese  [29:35]  

Well, that’s something that I intended to do last year, and I did day one, and then it just kind of didn’t work because we just got too busy. But one of the reasons was that the people we visited were so personal in their sharing. That was for us and not for the public.

Mario Fachini  [29:58]  

But you turned into a CD, right? Or you edited that out?

Grahame Reese  [30:01]  

Yeah, that interview was just with one of the guys that were traveling with me. And so we shared the things we thought were fine to share. So I actually recorded that whole trip and I have that for the group that went, but I think, I’ll tell you what I will do in what I’m going to do is I’ll revisit those people on a teleconference, I intend to do a tele summit and revisit those people. Because that’s what’s great is, is when you get with someone, and they share deep, deep, some of the challenges, you know, it’s just for us, it’s not for the public. And so, you know, you kind of got to get that balance there, it’s not just for everybody.

Mario Fachini  [30:49]  

So the reason I was bringing that up is because you’re with them in person.

Grahame Reese  [30:55]  


Mario Fachini  [30:57]  

That’s the biggest hurdle to get over doing something on video is how do I do this if you don’t have both people in the shot, but since you’re there, you could very easily just have a camera or a couple. Now, I’m encouraging you, do it on video. That doesn’t mean you have to stream it live, you can always edit the footage before it goes public, if they get into something, if they don’t consent to it, if they don’t want to do it. But I was just saying the benefit you have is, you know, I would love to have you in person, like we’ve been at different events in the past. But when you have that live nature, I mean when you have that proximity, by all means, it’s like, I always keep a camera with me that you can just shoot something real quick if you need to.

Grahame Reese  [31:43]  

Yeah. Definitely. And I’ve got a lot of that, but it’s something that I like to do. It’s not difficult to do, but yeah, and I think that’s what I love, you know, let’s take regenerative agriculture, because it is important. It is important for everybody, for everybody to understand what’s happening in our whole food system, everything people are eating there in Detroit comes from a farm somewhere. And is it coming from a farm that’s being managed in a healthy way? Is that food healthy or not healthy? And so that’s something that I think is really, really important and how we get those messages out. You know, the guy I’m interviewing today is a guy called Fred Provenza, look at all my tabs here.

Mario Fachini  [32:39]  


Grahame Reese  [32:41]  

And, so Fred, it’s an amazing book. It’s called Nourishment. I recommend you read that, everybody should read that book. Because what he says at the end of the book is really quite amazing.

Mario Fachini  [32:55]  

So I got a question for you. We’re going to jump into the Imperfect Action Round in just a second, but going to do another Audible. What is your what is a favorite movie or song you’d recommend to someone?

Grahame Reese  [33:10]  

Favorite movie or a song? Well, I tell you what…

Mario Fachini  [33:14]  

I actually have another question for you. I’ll let you use one of those. But the real question I want to ask you is, tell me something you haven’t told anyone?

Grahame Reese  [33:24]  

Tell you something I haven’t told anyone? Gosh. That’s a big question. I’m so..

Mario Fachini  [33:37]  

I know it’s loaded. I have about a dozen of these. And I’m like, I’m going to ask Grahame this one. Let’s see if I can do it.

Grahame Reese  [33:44]  

Well, something I haven’t told anyone really, is that I do have this goal to run a big telecom and linking human health back to soil health. And doing something similar to what we’re doing here talking to about all the experts around the world, and pulling that together into probably, you know, 20 or even maybe 30 different speakers

Mario Fachini  [34:09]  

Wow. Well, thank you for sharing that sincerely. I would have let you use the movie or whatever, the first thing I asked was as a backup. But I sincerely thank you. I would love to see that come to life.

Grahame Reese  [34:20]  

Well, yeah. And you know, the movie I’ve just watched. What’s the movie with Lady Gaga? That the one that’s going on right now? It’s um…

Mario Fachini  [34:31]  

With Bradley Cooper?

Grahame Reese  [34:32]  

Yeah, yeah. I just love that. I think it just brought forth Lady Gaga’s story of somebody telling her she wouldn’t, you know, an ex boyfriend telling her she’d never make a singer and the fact that she didn’t just make a singer, she made an amazing actress as well. And my song, John Lennon’s Imagine, I think that says a whole lot of especially in the world we live today.

Mario Fachini  [35:02]  

You know, there’s a new movie coming about, I thought it was going to be a documentary about the Beatles. It’s more of like a comedy thing. But it’s called the Yesterday coming out some time soon.

Mario Fachini  [35:16]  

So we’re going to go to the Imperfect Action Round, and we’re going to come back. And I’ve got some really pointed questions you can answer in 60 seconds. We’re going to come back for the imperfect action round, I got some questions you can answer in 60 seconds or less.

Grahame Reese  [35:33]  

I’m going to get my pencil shot here.

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Mario Fachini  [36:48]  

All right, we’re back with the Imperfect Action Round. Grahame, are you ready to take Imperfect Action?

Grahame Reese  [36:54]  

I’m ready to take Imperfect Action.

Mario Fachini  [36:56]  

All right, first question, what is the fastest path to the cash?

Grahame Reese  [37:01]  

The fastest path to the cash is look at cutting costs. Lots of people try and figure out how they’re going to get more customers, how they’re going to make more money. But a lot of times, especially in a business,  there’s a lot of costs there and every dollar you save is a dollar added in profit. That’s the fastest way to cash.

Mario Fachini  [37:20]  

Excellent. Number two, what is the biggest problem you see your prospects making and the fastest way they can fix it?

Grahame Reese  [37:31]  

I think the biggest problem that most people have is the ability to make a decision. Now lots of people, when they’re confronted with a difficult decision, they don’t make one and I always say, “Well, that was a decision.” And so it’s it’s our ability, we need to grow. I don’t think school professor is very well for that. And so we need to grow and learn that in life, how to make a decision, how to let something go and do something new.

Mario Fachini  [38:03]  

Very good. Number three, what is the question? Oh, I know. Number three, what is the fastest way… What is the number three… What is the greatest way… How was the question?

Grahame Reese  [38:28]  

You want me to read you the question?

Mario Fachini  [38:31]  

Holy smokes, I’ve only done this dozens and dozens of times. It’s about customer lifetime value. Oh, maximizing it. That’s the key word. Okay. All right. Number three, Third time’s a charm. All right, number three, what is the greatest way to maximize your customer lifetime value?

Grahame Reese  [38:50]  

That’s a great question. And I think it starts right at the start, how you brand yourself  is very important. You know, in this day and age you need to be very transparent and be really clear when you’re branding yourself in social media or however you’re branding yourself. So that’s the first thing. And then, you know, when you’ve got, say a membership site, like our mastermind, you’ve got a subscription program or something, people join for the program, but they stay for the community. And so how you develop that community is so, so important. Because if we don’t develop a community in and around that, eventually, you know, the products fade away and people leave.

Mario Fachini  [39:36]  

I love it. Last thing I was second from Lastly, what is the number one book you could recommend?

Grahame Reese  [39:45]  

Well, I know my daughter Ashley was on here and she recommended Big Magic and I gotta say, you know  for everybody that is an amazing, amazing book. I’ve got the audio book, it’s by Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat, Pray, Love. And I listened to the audio book. Everybody that I have got to listen to it, when we have conversations, something happens. They go, “Wow, that’s Big Magic of work.” You know, it’s about creativity, and I highly recommend that. But also, I really, really have loved this book, I did a series of quotes, 30 quotes are quite a day because we have a book club called the Region A book club. And I did a quote a day and you know what he says at the end of the book, he basically says, you know, we come from the earth, and then when we die, we basically have are there to fertilize the earth and the plants and we become the plants and we become the animals. And I think we kind of got isolated from that, especially in the last probably few hundred years.

Mario Fachini  [40:54]  

Well, I appreciate you for playing along because right when I was going hey, what’s a book you’d recommend? I’m sitting here thinking he already recommended a book.

Grahame Reese  [41:03]  

Yeah, yeah. Get the audio book, it is applicable no matter who you are, to listen to that book. She reads it beautifully. And it’s just an amazing book. Actually, it’s all about writing a book. So people you work with would get a lot out of that.

Mario Fachini  [41:24]  

Well, I appreciate the recommendation. So where can people find more on you?

Grahame Reese  [41:30]  

Well, the KLR Marketing School, it’s on a website KLRmarketing.com.au. So I’m on that website. People can email me, there’s the contact details there. That’s probably the best place, I think you’ll probably have… I sent you a bio, which will probably be in the show notes.

Mario Fachini  [41:53]  


Grahame Reese  [41:54]  

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, all of those places I am, and that’s how I’ve built hundreds of friends around the world on social media.

Mario Fachini  [42:08]  

Excellent. Well, Grahame, thank you so much. It has been a pleasure and look forward to connecting with you further.

Grahame Reese  [42:14]  

So great to talk to you. And you know, it’s been a pleasure to meet the future mayor of Detroit and I love to talk to people with dreams.

Mario Fachini  [42:26]  

I appreciate that. Well, see you soon.

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