Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States. Launched in 2014, Hawke Media has been valued at $75 million and has grown from seven to over 150 employees in three locations (Los Angeles, New York, and Boston). The company has serviced over 2000 brands of all sizes, ranging from startups like Tamara Mellon, SiO Beauty and Bottlekeeper to household names like Red Bull, Verizon Wireless and Alibaba. Hawke Media has taken home numerous industry awards including inclusion on the Inc. 5000 2020 list of “Fastest Growing Companies”, Fortune Magazine’s “50 Best Workplaces in Southern California” and Huberman was named The International Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations.

As a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert, Huberman is a sought-after thought leader in the world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sales and business. Prior to Hawke, he founded, grew and sold two successful ecommerce companies. Huberman is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including Forbes “30Under30,” CSQ “40Under40”, Inc. Magazine’s “Top 25 Marketing Influencers,” and Best in Biz North America’s “Marketing Executive of the Year.” A regular contributor to major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and CSQ, Huberman is also a well-known keynote speaker.

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  • Great show!
    February 9, 2024 by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    I'm absolutely hooked on this podcast! Huge kudos to Mario for consistently delivering top-notch episodes. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Amazing Guests, Real World Advice
    July 14, 2023 by Demi @ Comcastro.com from United States

    Just wanted to say thank you, Mario! Great practical ideas and such enthusiasm. I recommend this show for anyone looking to change their mindset through access to access to some great real world inspiration.

  • These podcasts have some great nuggets!!
    April 14, 2023 by Jen from Fort Worth from United States

    Mario has an A guest list that go out of their way to give you their best tips to be successful in your business endeavor. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. Highly recommend!

  • Inspiring Real World and Practical
    March 11, 2023 by SheriTraxler from United States

    Love the inspiration of “hey if they can do this so can I “ And that there is practical ideas from their expertise too Also love the variety of times

  • SUPER PRO production, and better content
    February 17, 2023 by JoshRamsey from South Africa

    Hits the nail on the head, and brings practical insight while doing it!

  • Enthusiasm and experience
    January 10, 2023 by Cfow110 from United States

    Mario is an enthusiastic experienced interviewer. He creates conversations with great content but also leaves room for some whimsy with his imperfect action round questions.

  • What an Enjoyable Show!
    December 21, 2022 by BretRidgway from United States

    Mario Frachini is the consummate pro when it comes to being a podcast host. The time just flew by and the conversation was great!

  • Great Show!
    July 22, 2022 by erseburse from United States

    Always providing great content- keep it up!

  • Insightful, inspiring and empowering!!
    May 6, 2022 by Anya Bartholomew from United States

    This is a gem!! You've got to pay attention to "little" things to appreciation the power of this incredible useful information!! The more you listen, the more you love it! Try and you'll see!!

  • Love love love
    May 6, 2022 by Tanyamariedube from Canada

    What a great show. I loved listening to your episode with Dave Lorenzo on the 60 Second Sale. As someone who loves sales (but loathed them when I started with cold calls and cold door knocking), I loved what he said about hearing the word “no”. In sales, we are trained to look for the no’s. It makes us really good at it if we can really get into it. What you two were talking about with regard to how our limitations are i’’our minds really resonated with me. I love that because it’s a game changer when you understand that sales is just about helping people solve a massive problem and getting paid for it and then taking imperfect action, get on your feet and have fun. Thanks so much! Love this show.

  • Amazing podcast!
    January 24, 2022 by maddie@podcastingyou from United States

    This podcast is incredibly informative and empowering! Each episode is an insightful deep dive into an entrepreneurial story that highlights tenacity, innovation, and advice to help you level up in your own journey.

    January 18, 2022 by Mitko I. from Bulgaria

    A ton of value, keep rocking!

  • Great show!
    January 7, 2022 by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    I love this show. The host is really entertaining and the content is pure gold. This podcast became my top show. Keep up the great work, Mario!

  • Insightful and wide ranging
    January 7, 2022 by purpletom111 from United Kingdom

    This is an excellent podcast for anyone looking to optimise their business. Mario is a fabulous host with brilliant questions and a relaxed, friendly demeanour. I loved Episode 261 about Growth Marketing, really useful - high product quality is the best marketing strategy out there!

  • Brilliant insights from the best…
    December 27, 2021 by jxywvut from United States

    No matter what big business mountain you are trying to summit, the EA podcast has something amazing to inspire and teach you how to start or scale your venture. I love tuning in every day to learn actionable insights from a new expert or industry. So much value to sink your teeth into. Give it a listen!

  • Top Notch Quality Content for Authentic Leaders
    December 1, 2021 by dropinceo from United States

    A meticulous production, a highly professional host with authentic conversation creates an amazing experience for the listener. A must listen for insights and inspiration for the Entreprener or C-Suite Leader.

  • Love it!
    November 30, 2021 by Mariann!! from United States

    It’s definitely worth your time if you are trying to stay informed.

  • Actionable and Inspiring
    October 29, 2021 by Ben_Cook28 from United States

    I appreciate the authenticity, quality of the guests, and insights from this podcast

  • Essential content for your entrepreneurial journey
    October 17, 2021 by MCarmen Baldovi from United Kingdom

    Mario’s interviews are full of valuable tips from business experts that you shouldn’t miss in your entrepreneurial journey. Listening to this podcast is being a massive help for me and I hope it is for you.

  • Wealth of Information
    October 8, 2021 by KPM D. from United States

    Great interviews. Always great to have the opportunity to hear from experts in their fields and glean from their years of wisdom. Keep up the good work!

  • Packed with actionable content!
    October 8, 2021 by mwforrester from United States

    Mario has a top-notch podcast with outstanding guests! I’m able to come away with information that I can apply to my own business, to generate growth and increase my ability to provide positive impact. When you spend your time to listen to an episode of EA Effect you can be sure that you will get an amazing return on time investment.

  • Powerful!
    September 3, 2021 by MichaelUnbroken from United States

    This is the show I needed 13 years ago before I ruined my first business. I think being able to have tangible and practical insight from people who are one step ahead of you is everything congrats to Mario for an amazing show! - @MichaelUnbroken

  • First Rate Host and Brilliant Guests
    September 3, 2021 by Wade Galt from United States

    Mario is an extremely well prepared and professional host that gets the best out of his guests. He interviews fundamentally sound guests to share powerful business strategies and wisdom. Definitely worth your time to listen.

  • Great show.
    August 28, 2021 by mdaciuk from Canada

    Excellent interviews and guests. Liked the show on how to defend your reputation. “Customers, communities and critics.” Good way at looking at stakeholders. Thanks for the great content.

  • Great topics - and tips!
    August 27, 2021 by Kate | EOFire from United States

    Loving Mario’s podcast! Not only does he hit so many great topics, but his episodes are filled with tips and strategies you can actually use right now. For example, I just listened to his episode about Podmatch with Alex SanFilippo, and Mario doesn’t just read off a list of questions and move through the interview robotically - he actually has a conversation, and shares his own experiences with the power of guest podcasting and why others should be doing this to grow their own audience. Thank you, Mario! Keep up the heat!

  • So glad I found this podcast!
    August 13, 2021 by Nate804 from United States

    I’m so excited to continue jumping into episodes of this podcast. So much knowledge from so many successful business men & women. Adding this to my weekly workflow for sure!

  • So much information
    July 23, 2021 by abal31 from United States

    Such a great show. So much information and helps with many areas of our business.

  • 0285: Sales Driven Agency: Helping Founders Become Predictable, Sustainable and Scalable
    June 28, 2021 by Mary2577 from Philippines

    Thank you so much and keep on doing more great show.

  • Easily One of My Favorites
    May 7, 2021 by ScottDGray from United States

    I recently discovered Expert Authority Effect. It’s quickly worked it’s way onto my list of must listen podcasts. The episodes are less than an hour and packed with great information from top-level entrepreneurs.

  • Priceless Content!
    May 7, 2021 by megan@podcastingyou from United States

    Mario does such a good job covering a variety of topics. His guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about entrepreneurship!

  • Very helpful
    May 7, 2021 by Luke and Susie from Australia

    As a business owner I love being challenged to see things a different way and be reminded of how to do thing better. This podcast has been so helpful to do that.

  • Great Show
    May 6, 2021 by emj-js from United States

    Mario does an excellent job being fun an entertaining while asking insightful questions to draw out the experise of his guests. Thoughtful, helpful conversations to make work and life better. Thanks!

  • Smart Ways to Gift
    April 26, 2021 by Michelle Kaplan from United States

    I learned some key things during Mario's interview with Chelsea Martin on gifting. What stands out is how impactful direct mail really is and how important a customized presentation of your products not only creates happy customers, but also a great referral source. Thank you!

  • Heart Centered Success
    April 18, 2021 by Macnjacs from United States

    Your interview with Brandon Fong was great. I appreciated the fact you started with the 3 steps, it was so valuable it really made me want to hear more. Thanks!

  • Love this show!
    March 12, 2021 by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

    This is so far my favorite podcast. It’s been my weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. Keep up the great work, Mario !

  • So much value!
    March 7, 2021 by Loose Seeds from United States

    The conversation with James, Sana and John Lee Dumas was awesome. Unique questions were asked by the hosts and JLD responded with gems that I stick right into my pocket. Thanks for this valuable info on how to up my podcasting game guys!

  • Always Enjoy Mario's Interviews!
    March 5, 2021 by HarloB from United States

    I really enjoy Mario and his shows. The Stress and Anger in the Workplace episode was great because it cut to the chase of all the issues around this topic. Great interview!

  • Great Podcast
    March 5, 2021 by 11Dreamer11 from United States

    Really interesting interviews that are really well done! Great listen and great for inspiration.

  • Innovative
    February 22, 2021 by Michelle Kaplan from United States

    I love Mario's energy! It captures my attention throughout his podcasts. Listenng to him and his guests, their ideas, actions, and accomplishments makes me brainstorm what's next for my business. Relevant and fresh!

  • Inspiriation 7 Days A Week!
    February 19, 2021 by ST Rappaport | LifePix from United States

    Mario doesn't miss a day. No matter what is going on, there's an episode relase. Mario is on a mission and nothing is going to stop him. He's a real model to be doing these interviews!

  • An Expert on Experts!
    February 12, 2021 by Powerful Eric from United States

    Love this show! Mario's show is a asset to podcasting. Thanks for helping others Mario!

  • Now I know
    January 22, 2021 by Margo Lovett from United States

    Mario, I see how active and generous you are in Podcast Paradise. Today, I listened to a few of your shows - episodes 1 & 59. Episode 1 brought me into the moment of prayer. You produced a show according to the Spirit. Now I know why you are so generous, able to operate from your seat of genius. Margo Lovett

  • Keeping the Books
    January 15, 2021 by E-World from United States

    Great interview with Judith keeping Net Profits as key thing to look at. Interesting point she made some owners make 30 millions but not enough Net to take a paycheck.

  • Excellent podcast
    January 12, 2021 by Atomickitten99 from United States

    I’m enjoying the guest interviews. They are packed full of great nuggets! Thank you.

  • Unique - Engaging - Bold
    January 2, 2021 by Paul D Johnson from United States

    As host of interveiw based The God Zone Show podcast I fournd Mario's show uniquely valuable in providing inpriation and engouragment for my work.

  • Fun, insightful, and quality production
    December 23, 2020 by koltrass from United States

    Mario brings in top-notch guests for engaging conversations on a variety of topics. Moreover, his attention to technical (e.g. audio, editing) quality is obvious and makes a difference. Listen to be entertained and enlightened!

  • Inspiring interviews to take the next step!
    December 12, 2020 by BillableWithBaby from United States

    Inspiring interviews with interesting entrepreneurs inform and motivate you to take things to the next level. Always good things to learn and implement. Thank you Mario!

  • Pure value, I love it
    December 4, 2020 by Jdoggg222 from United States

    Mario has a way of asking the questions I am wondering as the guest is speaking. He seems to intentionally ask the questions that most benefit you as a listener. Great podcast!

  • Loved the Craig Handley Episode
    November 13, 2020 by MHillfan from United States

    Mario’s energy is infectious and Craig Handley is a character and some. But really every episode brings out the uniqueness of each guest. This pod has become one of my must listens›

  • Inspiring. Informative.
    November 6, 2020 by SunDevil from United States

    Mario is incredibly inspiring and does something few other podcast hosts can manage to do… allow his guests to actuall talk at length and answer his questions. He offers great information and I really appreciate that he is invested in what his guests have to offer as well. Other podcasts come across as an ego stroke for the host, but this podcast is truly here to help guests share their stories as well to the benefit of the listener. Worth subscribing.

  • Game changer
    October 30, 2020 by Player's Handbook from United States

    This podcast is informative and inspiring. I love it!

  • If you are a wanna be entrepreneur look no further!
    October 23, 2020 by Elisa Di Napoli from United Kingdom

    Great podcast full of interesting insights. The host is engaging and thoughtful and I can say I have enjoyed listening to each episode!

  • Amazing Interviews not to miss!!!
    October 16, 2020 by Jbower1282 from United States

    Consistantly uniques interviews or amazing people really making it happen.

  • Mario is a great host with great questions!
    October 16, 2020 by alexdesigns from United States

    Take a few minutes out of your day to listen to Mario. He is a super smart guy and I love the questions he asks his guests.

  • A great podcast for dreamers and do-ers!
    October 16, 2020 by Chiquita2727 from United States

    Lots of great information and inspiration for anyone who wants to turn dreams into reality. Mario brings a lot of spot-on information to this podcast.

  • Great Show
    October 9, 2020 by Palminchen from London from United Kingdom

    Love the broad selection of topics for inner

  • Amazing inspirational stories
    October 9, 2020 by Nicholas Lee 18 from United Kingdom

    This podcast is so good. The stories from the people sharing their stories about their struggles in life and how they overcame these struggles is just inspirational and helped me push harder when things get tough. Keep up the good work with these amazing interviews Mario.

  • Fantastic
    October 9, 2020 by sttoggyigctdrvy from United States

    Mario goes above & beyond on his show. Lots of great information for his listeners!

  • Top Learning
    October 2, 2020 by BLNT PPTT from Hungary

    Love hearing these great interviews with a great host. Keep up the good work!

  • Mario inspires!
    September 18, 2020 by CHRISTOPH - HABITFREAK from United States

    These interviews are fantastic. Mario inspires with great questions that draw out great answers from his guests!

  • Expert authority!
    September 18, 2020 by Tara Williams Phone from United States

    Mario shares some amazing people on this podcast and they have some gold to share!

  • Great show!
    September 10, 2020 by Karen @ Interview Valet from United States

    Mario is an awesome podcast host! I love the FB Live interviews and the opportunity for listeners to engage in real time. The audio and video quality is spot on every time. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything! You won't be sorry.

  • A Podcasters Inspiration!
    August 14, 2020 by JamieKullman from United States

    Mario has so much insight and delivers such incredible value through his show. I just started listening, but I've already learned so much from him and his wonderful interviews. Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Quality professionalism
    August 6, 2020 by VirtForce from United States

    I can’t say enough about how pristine and professional Mario is in his interviews. He truly wants his guests to have the best experience and recording possible. And not to mention he is fun and knows how to put people at ease in front of the camera.

  • How to conquer your limiting beliefs
    July 31, 2020 by Dave4syth from United States

    Listen to episode 103 an dlearn how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Great advice.

  • I can’t believe how much I learned in just one episode
    July 29, 2020 by AwesomeMontana from United States

    Mario is knowledgeable, curious and able to bring great guests that deliver value that every business needs to understand! Outstanding podcast!

  • Great content!
    July 15, 2020 by Cory Lee Leadership from United States

    Mario does a great job of providing relevant information and bringing on guests to share their expertise in a variety of fields. Highly recommend his podcast!

  • Fascinating interviews
    July 10, 2020 by Bill Ringle from United States

    Mario brings on accomplished guests and draws out their expertise and stories in a way that leaves me on the edge of my seat. Keep up the great work, Mario!

  • Love It!
    June 26, 2020 by Laura Moreno Cabanillas from India

    Loving this podcasts, an entrepreneur I really appreciate the energy and passion being shared to help us grow our business. Keep up the great work.

  • Boost my Amazon sales!
    June 19, 2020 by SurvivalDad from United States

    I tap Amazon as one of my sales channels and your interview with John Ghiorso was an eye-opener. Ignore at your own peril!

  • Love It!
    June 16, 2020 by LauraMore from United States

    I loved the Memorial Day episode, Mario! Thanks so much for creating this awesome podcast!

  • Flawless interview style
    May 29, 2020 by GninraeL14 from United States

    Mario makes everyone appear even more interesting to me. Great format and style!

  • Come here for value
    May 29, 2020 by Joshua User 202! from Canada

    Really appreciated this podcast for the raw, genuine interviews. Love it!

  • Crisp and interesting interviews
    May 22, 2020 by Joel Goobich from United States

    As someone who created one of the first podcasts dedicated to video marketing, I was very impressed by your recent episode about using video. Your interview style is crisp and interesting

  • If you are in business, this podcast needs to be on your playlist.
    May 22, 2020 by Macstephen1 from United States

    Mario has a great conversational style that helps his guests shine. This show is a must if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It provides thought provoking content that will help any businessperson in their quest for success.

  • New Subscriber here and on your YouTube Channel
    May 15, 2020 by Angela Brown Oberer from United States

    Wow Mario you have a real knack for interviewing. You ask great questions and have a fun way of keeping the conversations lively and interesting. After listening to your episode with Owen Video I subscribed to your podcast and then I hunted you down on YouTube. High Five and great job!

  • Very Professional & Engaging Show!
    May 15, 2020 by Mitche Graf from United States

    Mario is extremely engaging and can hold your attention, and is a great interviewer! He has some great guests that really get into the details of running a successful business. Keep up the great work Mario!

  • Great Content
    May 10, 2020 by Pilar S. from United States

    Excellent! LOTS of advice from experts. The most recent episode talks about speaking–a must-listen for anyone who presents or is thinking about presenting.

  • Great content!
    May 1, 2020 by @Mentally_Strong from United States

    I really enjoy your podcast each time I listen. The content helps any entreprenur level up with they do. Keep it up and thanks for each episode.

  • Professional and Informative
    May 1, 2020 by Bruce at Mindfulness Mode from Canada

    Mario Fachini is an excellent interviewer and has terrific guests on the show. I highly recommend this podcast.

  • Great Podcast
    May 1, 2020 by Amber Fuhriman from United States

    I love the topic of this podcast. The episode with Tod Lindsay is super super helpful!!

  • Great find!
    May 1, 2020 by Reed Stiles from United States

    Great message and content. Stumbled upon this due to the cool logo, stayed for the content.

  • Great show and great host!
    May 1, 2020 by Laurapowers44 from United States

    Love what Mario offers! So glad he is doing his show and providing all this helpful info! Keep them coming!

  • Walks the walk
    May 1, 2020 by Me15463 from United States

    Mario encapsulates everything he talks about on the show. Be sure to tune in to this!

  • Honest and authentic
    April 17, 2020 by Deano3622 from United Kingdom

    Wow, just come across this podcast. Mario is such an awesome guy. He comes across so honest and genuine. Loved the content. I honestly don’t know where you find the time?! Keep it up Mario, love how honest and real you are!

  • Great and insightful!
    March 7, 2020 by Karty12345 from Australia

    I really enjoyed this podcast, so much relevant content. Thank you!

  • So much Value..!
    February 28, 2020 by Alex Dali Rizo from United States

    Great content, I really recommend this to any Entrepreneur looking to excel in their path, Mario brings topic experts to teach and inspire your day

  • Inspirational Intentional Information
    February 28, 2020 by 10Kforte from United States

    This podcast shares the stories from people that are doing whatever it takes to rise up and help others along the way. “What Are You Made Of” is one of the many messages shared on the podcast. There are so many takeaways that are applicable to anyone. I really enjoyed listening.

  • Wow!
    February 25, 2020 by Tyscoaching from Australia

    Just listened to the 'rescue site AED Program' episode! If you love epic stories and inspirational people, this is the podcast for you!

  • Motivation on Tap
    February 7, 2020 by AnthonyPGarcia from United States

    Mario brings on some of the most impactful entrepreneurs to hear from. He dives into the key performance factors of their business. He extracts information very well and keeps the show flowing very smoothly. Definitely a show to subscribe to!

  • Starting a Movement
    February 7, 2020 by JustMe2say from United States

    There are many areas of business and entrepreneurs have an opporunity to gain some insight with this podcast. Excellent interviews!

  • Great Podcast For Entrepreneurs!
    February 7, 2020 by The Big Game Hunter from United States

    Full of knowledgeable guests and useful information that will help you accomplish your goals in business and in life!

  • Mario Truly Care About His Guests
    February 7, 2020 by Podcast Junkies from United States

    Having met Mario and spent time with him at Podfest I can truly say that he is passionate about his show. He’s genuine and that clearly comes through in his own story and what he brings to every interview.

  • Put your thinking cap on!
    January 27, 2020 by Cliff Duvernois from United States

    This is probably one of the most information dense podcasts I’ve listened to in many moons. Each episode could easily be expanded out into 2 or 3 hours. Mario does a great job of asking the right questions to get his guests to reveal great tips, tricks and advice. Sure a lot of information can be applied to an entrepreneur but I found a lot of advice applicable to my personal life. This podcast is definitely worth my time to listen to and I’m looking forward to more episodes to come. Great job!

  • Relavant for anyone!
    January 17, 2020 by HarloB from United States

    I really enjoy Mario and his shows. The Stress and Anger in the Workplace episode was great because it cut to the chase of all the issues around this topic. Great interview!

  • Mario nails it!
    January 17, 2020 by Mickiezada from United States

    I've listened to Mario for a long time...his podcast is well produced, his guests are influencers and authentic authority, and chock full of insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs. Love it!

  • Mario is the real deal
    January 9, 2020 by jamesnewcomb.io from United States

    I’ve known Mario personally and professionally for over a year now. He is genuinely interested in helping people succeed, and consistently over delivers in his interactions and valuable advice with fellow entrepreneurs, podcasters, what have you. In this era of showmen who “give value” only if they think they’ll get something in return, Mario stands out as a man among men. Listen to his show and learn what true leadership and value in the marketplace mean.

  • Listening On My Entrepreneurial Journey
    January 3, 2020 by FromLisa2 from United States

    I was surprised when I stumbled over the servant leadership that shows up in these episodes. It's collaborative. It's focused on relationships with clients versus transactions. I especially enjoyed the episode on getting clients without "selling" because it's more about genuine relationship building.

  • A Gift
    December 25, 2019 by Lisa Vogt from United States

    Mario uses all his talents, gifts and abilities to produce this life affirming show. It's incredible that we are able to grow our abilities and develop our talents and gifts just through subscribing and listening. Thank you Mario!

  • This show is ON FIRE!
    December 14, 2019 by tibor.mindsethorizon from United States

    Love your show Mario! Your niche is close to mine but I focus more on mindset and manifestation in a business setting. I tuned into episode #103 with Karen Brown which is dope! Keep up the great work!

  • Entrepreneur Must Listen
    November 30, 2019 by HWoodwriter from United States

    If you’re an entrepreneur this is a must listen show. So many inside tips and thought processes behind moving your business forward. Mario does a great job with the guests by asking the right questions at the right time. He and his guests give the information you need to grow your business and leadership skills.

  • What a show!!
    October 26, 2019 by CWLuecke from United States

    Man, do I love interviews with world-changers! Mario does an excellent job gathering the cream of the crop for his show and giving insightful interviews. Check it out!

  • Loved it!
    October 25, 2019 by Seodrigo from United States

    This interview was very enjoyable. Mario brought on a wise guest by the name of Michael Lauria. I loved the interview and Michael's perspective on the topic. He had wonderful insights and around min 31, he hit something very profound. Excited to share what I learned today with others. Way to go!

  • Great listen
    October 25, 2019 by trinity3712 from United States

    Good listen. Great range of guests and topics. Something here is you keep listening will help you in many areas of life and leadership b

  • Great Knowledge!
    October 18, 2019 by Jon Vroman FRD from United States

    Great show Mario! So much valuable information in one episode!

  • Excellent show, very imformative!
    October 5, 2019 by Shaolin Soprano from United States

    Mario loving the podcast bro, great content, immense value. Enjoying these interviews!!!

  • Helpful Information!
    October 4, 2019 by The Medicare Nation from United States

    Love the valuable information on these episodes! Lots of tips & tricks for every Entrepreneur to use. Kudos Mario! Diane Daniels Host of Medicare Nation

  • Love Mario’s Attitude
    September 12, 2019 by marisaimon from United States

    Mario’s heart shines through his interviews, making these fun and positive, and the people he brings on offer such a wealth of knowledge.

  • Lots of Great Info!
    September 6, 2019 by DarlajPowell from United States

    Mario provides lots of great info and advice in this 7 day a week show.

  • Great Content!
    August 31, 2019 by LanceJohnson_ from United States

    Mario does a great job of share valuable information that every entrepreneur could use and apply to their journey. Great work! 🙂

  • Important information!
    August 31, 2019 by Allmenow from United States

    Very engaging information. Mario draws out experiences and knowledge from his guests. Loved the show!

  • Difference-Maker
    August 21, 2019 by Unlimited Beliefs from United States

    Mario is a master at bringing out, shining a light on, and internalizing the difference-making mindset. His knowledge and experience and mission enable him to synthesize information into diamonds for all of us! What you want is accessible by taking in this show!

  • Excellent Information
    August 21, 2019 by Stallion golf from United States

    Great advice and information with a wonderful blend of topics! Loved the episode with the british healthcare professional and the ideas shared on how to make the industry better.

  • Motivating and valuable information
    August 16, 2019 by Calvin Javier from United States

    Great insight on mindset from business leaders and entrepreneurs making things happen. Definitely worth your attention. Will be listening and learning more!

  • Good information
    August 2, 2019 by FIRE NATION! from United States

    Engaging interview with a british health pro, I was surprised to hear the similarties and the application she has for making healthcare better

  • Greatness
    August 2, 2019 by MiaSportFanatic from United States

    Have had the chance to listen to one show so far but man, we should be paying for this information. Lots of greatness. Thanks for the heart to serve.

  • Listen to the experts - and thrive!
    July 28, 2019 by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States

    There's a lot of advice out there these days but, sadly, a lot (and I mean a LOT) of is from people with little to no expertise. That's not the case with this gem of a show. Listen to what the experts say and profit from the experience!

  • Show is amazing!
    July 26, 2019 by BestMorningRoutineEver from United States

    I love learning about mindset and how to master my thoughts. This show provide the tools!

  • Great show!
    July 19, 2019 by Jefferson_79 from United States

    Great information for all businesses.

  • Good value!
    July 12, 2019 by Audrey purplele from United States

    Great information that applies to any business! I really felt he provided value for my time.

  • Interesting Topic
    July 6, 2019 by Real Estate Journeys Podcast from United States

    Interesting topic. Great interviews. Keep up the hard work!

  • Helpful Advice from Experts
    June 14, 2019 by ichuck2 from United States

    Mario talks to experts in a wide range of subject matters and asks good questions to pull out helpful advice.

  • What a great show!
    June 14, 2019 by Christopher List from United States

    Mario really brings out the best in his guests. The police dog trainer had such a great story. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Great!!!
    June 11, 2019 by tommye w-c from United States

    Great podcast, awesome guests, incredible host!!!

  • Fun & informative
    June 11, 2019 by Saoirse Sky from United States

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  • I found that the place where people have the most challenge is sales and marketing, because it’s more proactive than reactive, where it’s not solving problems.
  • The biggest driver of success has been just doing the right thing for the right reasons.
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[3:39] Funnel

  •  Bring those that big base along to the point that you’re really getting those people that are ready to buy. 

[05:02] Category of Marketing

  • Awareness – letting new people know you exist
  • Nurturing – what you do with that awareness to actually bring them to be a customer. 
  • Trust- building that trust that you’re actually going to deliver what you say you’re going to deliver in the way you say

[7:22] Importance of Branding

  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Creates more longevity of a brand

[15:14] Our companies approach

  • Our mission is accessibility to great marketing.
  • We do a full analysis before we actually recommend, here’s what we’re gonna do.

[19:02] How to qualify someone if it is a good fit?

  • We always test accessibility as in our mission

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  • Good product or service they’re gonna want to buy more from you. Stay in touch by giving them value above and beyond a purchase decision.

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Erik Huberman [0:00]
Hi, I’m Eric Huberman, CEO of Hawkemedia.com. And you’re listening to EA Interviews.

Intro [0:06]
EA interviews, Episode 229, inspiration, transformation, success stories and the imperfect action round seven days a week. Join Mario Fachini for today’s Expert Authority Effect Interview.

Mario Fachini [0:19]
Have you ever wanted to increase your marketing? Do you have a company and whether it’s a midsize one or a large one, you just were like, I don’t know what to do. And no, I need to be bringing in more leads, but have them qualified. You know, there’s so much to do. Maybe it’s not your specialty. You just want to serve your audience. I’ve had that feeling. And that’s why I’m excited to have TEDx speaker, podcast host and CEO of Hawk media, Eric Huberman here today, he’s got over 180 employees, 500 different clients to the likes of Alibaba, Kswiss, Verizon, and hundreds of other ones. So I’m gonna bring them up. Right after we thank our sponsor.

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Mario Fachini [1:13]
Here he is .Ladies and gentlemen, Eric Huberman. Eric how are you feeling today?

Erik Huberman [1:18]
Doing great. How are you doing?

Mario Fachini [1:20]
I’m excellent. I can’t wait to dive in with you. Because marketing is so essential to so many, every business not so many businesses, every single business. Why do you think most people get it wrong?

Erik Huberman [1:33]
You know, I think people take it for granted, I think it’s one of those industries where it feels like, you can just use your best judgment and logic and get away with it. But just like any other vocation, It takes a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. And a lot of a big knowledge base to actually be able to do it well, and marketing versus a lot of other jobs. Doing it well has an infinite upside and infinite downside versus like, a lot of jobs, a lot of vocations. You could do it right or you do it wrong. Marketing, every little tweak, every little difference in how you do it is a difference in ROI is a difference in how things turn out to.

Mario Fachini [2:13]
What do you think most people try to do when they start off with marketing? And what should they be doing?

Erik Huberman [2:22]
Yeah, I think these days, most people go, they put up a website and start running Facebook ads. And what we see is Facebook is a great place to advertise products and services, but you need a good funnel, and you need a good net, and people forget that you don’t see an ad and then immediately go buy something generally, it happens. Don’t get me wrong. But a lot of times, people need to be nurtured. People need to be brought along with the sort of purchase cycle consideration period, to actually go from no learning that your company even exists to actually buying something. And so things like email, marketing, and SMS, and chatbots, and content, all these other things that come into play, that actually helps with conversion, a lot of companies skip over when they’re first starting thinking that like, let’s just run some ads and see how it goes. And the problem is, if it goes well, great, congratulations. But if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean anything because you’re not doing it right, you’re not running the whole funnel the way you need to.

Mario Fachini [3:14]
Let’s just dive in a little bit deeper with the funnel. If someone’s listening in, they’re not quite sure what a funnel is, or they might not be familiar with the term. Some people call it an onboarding process. And I think I personally take that as more of a, I’m already interested in now you have to onboard me and get me through the thing. But I’ve heard some people just say interchangeably, so how would you define a funnel? And why are they important?

Erik Huberman [3:39]
Yeah, so let’s take a literal funnel that looks like this. And the idea is, at the top of the funnel, you have just anyone that’s become aware of you. Let’s say, actually, at the very top of the funnel, you have the entire world. And then comes the people that are aware you even exist. And then comes the people that are potentially interested in purchasing. And you kind of break the funnel on like every step of the way, like they now know I exist. Now they’ve shown some interest. Now they’ve given me information. Now they’ve shown they’re ready to purchase and now they’ve purchased and then even past that, what you do to take someone that’s already bought from you and continues to buy. And so it gets more and more narrow, frankly, because it’s a percentage of each step that makes it through that next one. That’s why they call it a funnel. But the idea is to bring those big bases along to the point that you’re really getting those people that are ready to buy. And so during that whole transition period of going from where you exist to actually buying something, doing things to help people along is pretty critical.

Mario Fachini [4:36]
So what is the difference from someone like Alibaba and Verizon versus a midsize business? And let me ask. I’ll let you answer that first. And I got another one from something I saw on your website.

Erik Huberman [4:52]
Yeah. So I mean, when it’s that large of a business, their brand equity is out there. So there’s usually a level of trust. We talked about marketing, we’re actually going to be publishing a book about this called the Hawk Method. And we talk about marketing in three different categories: awareness, nurturing, and trust. And we’ve already started kind of talking about this awareness of letting new people know you exist. Nurturing is what you do with that awareness to actually bring them to be a customer. And trust is building that trust that you’re actually going to deliver what you say you’re going to deliver in the way you say, you’re going to deliver it. And when you’re a new company, you don’t have intrinsic trust and are also known as a brand. So getting that through third party validation, meaning things like PR or influencer marketing or word of mouth where someone else is vouching for you helps a lot. And you need those three pillars that are critical to actually making a sale and actually creating a successful marketing campaign. Companies like Verizon, Alibaba, they have intrinsic trust, people already know who they are, they already trust. And when I say trust, I don’t mean that you even have to like it. Like McDonald’s is a good example of this. Like we all, if we buy a Big Mac, we trust we’re getting a Big Mac, we trust that we’re getting a very unhealthy piece of food that might be made partially of cardboard. But I’m not saying you know, I don’t mean to disparage them. But we also like we know, it’s like…

Mario Fachini [6:04]
You’re just being truthful, that it’s not Ruth’s Chris.

Erik Huberman [6:06]
Yeah, correct. But that’s still trust you Troy gets consistency in that sense, you know that what you’re getting you the same thing goes for horizon. Same thing goes for Alibaba, but not the same thing goes for some company, you’ve never heard of that you stumble across the fate of Facebook or Google ad for. So that’s really a big gap in that is two things like when you talk about awareness, nurturing, and trust, Verizon and Alibaba already have a lot of awareness. And they already have a lot of trust, it’s really much more hammering down on the nurturing side of it, to bring people along from you know, we exist, but you should really buy something and then or you’ve already bought something, you should buy more.

Mario Fachini [6:40]
So let’s talk about that intrinsic value of the brand, for the companies that are out there, because I feel like there’s some, and these are more small to midsize, let’s say, if they’re starting off, and they’re still under the million mark, or under the 5 million, you know, that’s a relatively small business. That’s a congrats for them. But that’s a relatively small business in the grand scheme and everything. But why do you think some of them seem to not want to build the brand? I mean, it seems like they just want to get sales and go through it, whereas others, they’re focused on branding from day one and turn it into a brand. Why do you think the branding is so important? And how long do you think it takes to actually get that intrinsic value of trust?

Erik Huberman [7:22]
Yeah, so from a numbers perspective, the brand does a few things. One, it increases your conversion rate, if people trust you, and when you have a built brand, you’re going to convert at a higher level, because people aren’t going through that purchase decision in such a critical way, because they already trust you. And it also creates more longevity of a brand, you don’t need to be spent, it’s not as much of a hamster wheel of because you’ve committed yourself to memory with a lot of people and created that trust and consistency through a brand. You don’t need to be put away by every customer you have. Because you have a base that’s going to always come back that’s always going to talk about you and tell people. And so it really comes down to what business you’re trying to build. There are some great businesses that were built off just direct response marketing, and just that, you know, input output kind of marketing, that they’re not trying to build a brand. They’re just trying to drive people into buying and get them out. And you can do that. It’s not the business I want to build, I think it’s much more volatile and it’s a less stable business, a less secure business. With a brand, you can make a lot of mistakes and still have a sustainable business with a Dr. machine like that you can’t. It’s easy. It’s kind of fleeting, and that business can go away overnight.

Mario Fachini [8:29]
Okay, and how long do you think it takes to establish your brand to be at the point where you have some of that? I’m thinking of a Kevlar suit of armor, you have that? You know, whenever you have some leeway where it’s like, your goal isn’t to mess up. But when you do, because you will you have some leeway the word, yeah, let’s go with that. You have some leeway to just, you know, hey, I’m here. But you know, this isn’t the norm. It’s one out of 100 instances.

Erik Huberman [8:58]
Yeah, I think there isn’t really an answer to that. Because it depends on your own audience. Like, if there’s 10 people that know you’ve been around for 20 years, and it’s just those 10 people and you screw up for one of them. They’re gonna give you leeway if you’re with a, because I have one like a local tire shop where the guy has been changing your tires since he changed your dad’s tires 40 years ago, and it’s a friend of your dad’s like, if he screws up and weaves a nail and one of my tires or something. I’m like, yeah, I know who this guy is. It’s not a big deal. I trust him that’s so it can be on a small scale. Or when you’re talking about large scale, the thing is, it’s bleeding to like it’s something you have to continually reinvest in because you have companies like McDonald’s or Coca Cola that all of a sudden people’s priorities have changed. And now they have to change with them to keep that brand as relevant as it was before. And that’s why you know, coke bought a Suja juice company and McDonald’s is now full of salads and Burger Kings doing the impossible burger like all these things are moved. So understand that their customers are looking for something new and staying relevant, and keeping their brand relevant.

Mario Fachini [10:05]
And I think that’s a great point you’re bringing up because the example I’ve used for years is exactly what you mentioned Coke, Coke and Pepsi. And people go, I’ve been drinking them for 20, 30, 40 years, 50, whatever. Why did they keep advertising? Yeah, because you have, but the next generation hasn’t.

Erik Huberman [10:24]
What not just the next generation. Also let’s take what’s a third party to that? sprites, sprites in my book. But sure, let’s take sprite, this is an example. And now I’m hitting you hard. And you’re and this is true, you’re sitting on your couch watching football. And I’m advertising sprite over and over and over and over again. And even though you’ve drank Coke for a long time, you’re now like, kind of craving a sprite, because

Mario Fachini [10:50]
I haven’t had one in a while. But maybe I should.

Erik Huberman [10:53]
You haven’t had one or like, you normally would go to the store and buy coke. But now you’ve got head sprite implanted in your brain, they’re sitting on the shelf next to each other and you go, you know, that looks really refreshing, boom, I’m just transparent, I just spent money. Now you’ve just transitioned from buying coke to buying Pepsi I just want. So for the big CPG companies, when it comes to advertising, it’s actually about retaining and gaining market share. It’s not customer acquisition, it’s when you go to the store, you pick my soda over someone else’s, when you go to a restaurant, you order my soda over someone else’s. And so with that, there really isn’t a limit, when you’re talking about sodas, which are pretty ubiquitous as far as hitting everybody. Same thing with alcohol, where it’s like, if I’m Bud Light, I just want to make sure when you go buy a beer, it’s a Bud Light. So I’m gonna advertise to you in every way I can make myself relevant so that you go by them.

Mario Fachini [11:42]
Because they’ve already acquired you, but they want to make sure you’re not getting diluted, in their increasing market share.

Erik Huberman [11:48]
Like all of it,.The available everywhere is the idea. So distribution has to come to play with that too. And then the idea is you’re going to pick me over everyone else, whether you have in the past or not, I still need to ensure you’re going to do it next time.

Mario Fachini [12:01]
Keep them that consistency in there. Now, let me ask you about ANW, would they be third party? To my knowledge, I don’t think Coke or Pepsi owns them?

Erik Huberman [12:08]
Yeah, I think you’re right. And that’d be a great example.

Mario Fachini [12:10]
Same thing like with Minute Made, I know, that’s coke. And so let’s talk about that because you’re talking to diversification along the lines, because it’s not just Coke and Pepsi. It’s all the subsidiaries where you go into men have made and, you know, yum brands with Lay’s potato chips, and the Frito Lay and then they’re partnered with Taco Bell, which is owned by the same parent company and all of that. How do you deal with that when you take the same marketing approach? I mean, do you think that they’re all universal or do you hit? Are there some nuances you found from working with conglomerates and their subsidiaries?

Erik Huberman [12:46]
Usually, there’s a customer archetype that fits each and a lot of times, it’s the same, there’s overlap. Like, there’s a lot of people that drink both coke and sprite, like, there’s a lot of people that go to Taco Bell, and KFC I think, too. So, you know, it’s also like the fact that there’s overlap, and that’s where a lot of these conglomerates get it. And there’s, you know, they want individual brands for individual reasons. And people have preferences. I mean, that’s part of it, too. So it’s okay, as you get into the bigger conglomerates to try to grab every micro market is what they’re trying to do and every niche, and sometimes those niches have overlaps, you know, intertwine a little bit. But it’s also grabbing people that may not like KFC, but like Taco Bell.

Mario Fachini [13:28]
So for each of them, whether they’re all subsidiaries of the parent company, or they’re completely different brands, it sounds like you’re focusing on the ideal customer profile. And you’re not just going oh, they’re all the same, because it’s the same company.

Erik Huberman [13:41]
No, not . The financial aspect of it and corporate structure, meaning they’re owned by the same Corporation doesn’t mean anything. There, there’s every once in a while nuance where they want to be careful. But generally, if it’s a smart corporation, they’re not buying fully competitively. Companies like Coke are not buying Pepsi. If they are, they’re probably transitioned, I don’t know enough details about the Coke and Pepsi target. But I guarantee there’s a lot of overlap and combating there. And there’s probably all sorts of Venn diagrams I’m sure there’s probably a lot of, I’ve heard there’s tons of people that will drink coke and not Pepsi, or vice versa. They are different drinks, even though they’re very similar.

Mario Fachini [14:18]
Yeah, I’ve always found it interesting at restaurants where it’s like, Can I get a coke? It’s like, well, is Pepsi. Okay?

Erik Huberman [14:25]
That it’s like, well, is monopoly money. Okay?

Mario Fachini [14:28]
Yeah, I was just thinking of that, too. There’s so many. There’s so many little nuances. But at the end of the day, the business is the business and like you were talking about is that client acquisition isn’t market share, you know, what’s the goal of it? And I think so many people are confused about that. So for someone listening going, well, he works with Alibaba and Verizon, and all these huge companies, I could probably never afford them. I noticed something interesting on your website as you take the role of being the CMO and your approach is a little bit different. So once you go into detail as to how you do it, because clearly something’s working to have started just over five, six years ago and grow to the point you are, what approach are you taking that most companies aren’t?

Erik Huberman [15:14]
Yeah, you kind of highlighted. So number one, our mission is accessibility to great marketing. So we want to make sure that people can easily work with us. But we’re also the best at what we do. It’s that simple, in a sense, like, we want to have the best in the business. But we want to be easy to work with, which is a nuance that most agencies don’t want. If they’re really good at what they do, they generally have a long contract sign minimum, somebody makes them hard to work with. So yes, we work with Nike, Unilever, all these big brands. But then we also work with tiny startups, our fee starts at two grand a month. So we’re able to work with the entire range of size companies and bring the knowledge we get from working with these big ones. And the sort of dirt you know, to the small guys and then bring the knowledge of like the scrappiness, you have to have as a small a new company to the big guys too. And so there’s this balance of our skill sets that really pull from both to help each other, which has been great.

Mario Fachini [16:07]
So the big guys, they have all the branding and advantage in that regard. But I know it’s harder to steer a big ship than just being lean and nimble and everything. Conversely, the smaller companies, you mentioned the local tire shop. You have the agility, but they might be working on the branding. So in instances like that? Would you help the smaller ones with the branding? In addition to the other?

Erik Huberman [16:38]
So our methodology is not like it’s not just branding. So we’ll go look at what do we think they’re missing based on the marketing mix that we have?

Mario Fachini [16:46]
Alright, so you might do some direct response marketing in there to get clients and leads if that’s what they’re seeking out?

Erik Huberman [16:52]
It’s not and it’s less seeking, it’s what do we where do we think they’re falling short, if they have a great funnel and a great brand, and they just need some more customers? And the answer is yes, absolutely. If they’re getting a ton of interest, but nobody’s converting, we’re going to look at their funnel, we’re going to look at, well, why, what are you doing to actually convert customers, if they’re having tons of customers come in once and never come back? We’re gonna look at that. So we do a full analysis before we actually recommend, here’s what we’re gonna do. But yeah, the idea is to plug in, everything we do is our cart month to month. So the idea is we’re going to plug in very prescriptively, and exactly what the company needs, and focus on that. And then ebb and flow and changes the company needs it.

Mario Fachini [17:26]
That’s fantastic. Because I know people that only work with smaller companies. And some only work with midsize and I, you know, others only work with the big guys. But I think it’s very unique. And it’s one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show is because you have this mix of people and like what you just said, you can take the good from here and share it with them. And you can take the good from here and share it with them. And you have this synergistic relationship, which is what I’m always looking for no matter what it is personal, professional, you know, just how can you help someone

Erik Huberman [17:58]
That and I think that there’s a lot to be said about hiring outside resources that you live in breathe this aspect of your business, we do it with a lot of other parts of our business where you know, whether it’s HR certain things where like, we’re not HR experts, compared to an HR expert company. So why not hire some outside resources that help that do this kind of like law firms, I can go hire a GC and try to pull someone off the street. But why not hire a firm that has a process built day in and day out to make sure they were handled through an accounting firm, we’re thinking of the same model for marketing, where it’s like, we might not be the person that’s gonna hide your money in the Caymans. But we know best practices for marketing, and we’re gonna make sure that if anything, you’re doing the right things, and scaling your business. And then for us, we’re successful, pretty much 100% of the time if it’s a good product or service that people want.

Mario Fachini [18:46]
So tell me a little bit more about that. And how do you qualify someone to say they’re a good fit, we’re gonna keep that 100% success rate, and there’s no confusion over even 5% they may or may not be a good fit down the road, but let’s give them a shot.

Erik Huberman [19:02]
We always test accessibility as in our mission, we’re going to be accessible. So if they want to give it a shot, we’re going to be transparent like, hey, here’s what we know, here’s what we’re going to test. But we’re gonna make the decision like we never wanted to be the gatekeeper. I think the agencies that are like we’re really picky with who we work with are frankly, full of shit. Like, you show them any amount of money, you show them the right amount of money, any agency is going to take the business. So when people try to say that I think it’s bullshit, and I think we’d rather be like the opposite, just open. Like, we’re not here to be the gatekeepers and dictators of who has a good service or not. And I’ve been shocked and surprised many times both ways where there’s no way that’s not going to work, and it doesn’t, and then there’s no way that can work. And I’m like, oh, shit, there’s a huge market, apparently, you know. And so I’ve been surprised so many times that like, I’m not going to make that call up front. We’re just going to test it and see what happens.

Mario Fachini [19:51]
Okay, that’s a great approach because I’ve done it when I’m helping my clients with book publishing. Hey, what do you think of this couple for design, no idea. Let’s ask.

Erik Huberman [20:03]
Yeah, exactly.

Mario Fachini [20:04]
I don’t have a crystal ball I have set, you know, I have guidelines, it’s like, don’t use sarafan. because no one’s gonna read it and curse that 12 points.

Erik Huberman [20:13]
There’s best practices exactly. Best practices on the nuance for sure. Like, someone shows me their website, I can probably point out a few flaws. But someone shows me a product. And I’m trying to give my opinion without knowing, like, one of one of my favorite clients years ago, we successfully launched a vitamin that helps women produce breast milk. And it was like a five hour energy shot. It was marketed by T and Tamara, that Sister Sister, and I was like, I did not expect that that was going to be a successful launch. But they ended up having other problems with recalls, and, you know, product problems, but it did sell well through Facebook ads. So we’re convincing pregnant women. And recently, women, that recent newborns to take this five hour energy shot from Sister Sister to help them produce breast milk. I was surprised, but it worked really well. I wouldn’t have liked it if I was sitting in a room and had to peg that one I wanted.

Mario Fachini [21:05]
That’s the importance of testing.

Erik Huberman [21:07]

Mario Fachini [21:09]
What percentage of your clients do you run paid advertising for? Is it always Facebook?

Erik Huberman [21:18]
It’s not always Facebook, I’d say I mean, I don’t know the actual number. So I don’t really want to quote it’s definitely over half. But it could be anywhere between 50 and 80%. I actually don’t have the exact number.

Mario Fachini [21:29]
Oh, that’s fine. But it’s not 100%. It depends on the client.

Erik Huberman [21:32]
A lot of companies come to us for just branding, work websites, overall marketing, strategy, lifecycle marketing, all these other things that we do content creation, okay. But yeah, and we do a lot on Facebook. And while on Google, both are pretty split, and then we run podcasts, ads, TV, radio, billboards, we have an Amazon team, we have a really solid affiliate marketing team. So it’s actually a little more diversified than that.

Mario Fachini [21:58]
How many businesses do you think should be doing paid ads? Not necessarily your clientele, but do you think all businesses should be doing them or who would benefit the most?

Erik Huberman [22:08]
Some extent? I mean, I don’t want to say all cuz I’m sure there’s some business out there that doesn’t mean shouldn’t advertise. I don’t know what that looks like. But I think, you know, I just believe like, there’s all these. I mean, Tesla doesn’t advertise, as an example, they market they don’t advertise. Can they get away with that? Yeah. Could they maybe sell a few more Tesla’s if they did some ad work? Yeah. So do I think that it depends. You can be patient and save money. But I’d rather pay for a little growth and find a way that you can profitably advertise. And I think that just about any business can benefit from that.

Mario Fachini [22:41]
All right. But I appreciate you sharing the insights and the details and everything. Why don’t we kick it back and tell me the behind the scenes story of how you got started with this? Because it’s impressive, congrats on your success. I know, it’s only been six years now.

Erik Huberman [22:58]
Almost seven. Will be seven in January.

Mario Fachini [23:00]
Okay. So almost seven years now. And you started in 2014. How did you get into it? Because you’re one of the ultra successful companies that’s been growing. And you haven’t been doing it 20, 30 years. How did you do it in such a short time? And what were you doing that launched you into it beforehand?

Erik Huberman [23:22]
Yeah. I just had this conversation with one of our employees earlier, but it’s definitely a lot more luck than anything. I mean, that and that to be honest. So I graduated college 2008 became a commercial real estate agent and the entire banking industry collapsed a week later. So my first year out of college, I mean, $350 was always a little bit of a video game nerd and computer nerds. So it’s like, I’m gonna start working on an online business because real estate is making nothing. We launched an online music company and had a friend’s dad that I played music with since I was four years old. So I like the drummer and my band’s Dad. I knew nothing about it other than we grew up in a small town, so he had a cool avocado orchard. But having property in my hometown meant nothing. It was like wealth, it wasn’t expensive real estate. So it turns out the guy was a very successful entrepreneur and was co-founder of paper view on the board of men’s wearhouse and had a company with Deepak Chopra. And he came to me and said, I want to partner with you to build this online company, and helped raise a million dollars for it in 2009 and launched me into digital and e commerce, built this online business coaching from musician platform for two years, got to profitability, hired a CEO to take it over and then consecutively built and sold to different fashion e commerce subscription companies. So here I am. I’m 26 years old. It’s that time in 2013. I’ve built and sold two e-commerce companies and all of a sudden, it was a year after Dollar Shave Club launched. I had actually worked in the incubator as Dollar Shave Club launched in my work advice for them advice for a bunch of brands. So here I was, again, a 26 year old, with a great brand, knowing how to build e commerce companies when everyone was trying to figure it out. So I started getting job offers everywhere. And I said, no, I don’t want to work for someone else. But I’ll advise or consult. So I started advising and consulting and spent about six months doing that, and six months into it, I’m making 350 grand a year as a 26 year old and working part time. And so I was like, well, you know, and this is a lot longer story, but realized, basically, what created the mission of our company, like, it was really hard for me to find agencies to help my clients to find people to help them hire, I tried to help them hire in house that didn’t make sense, was always just cluster to get the marketing help. So I just hired my own as I called it SWAT team, of all these experts, I got Facebook marketing, email marketer, web designer, you know, etc. and went back to them and said, everything’s our cart month, a month cheaper than hiring in house, but I’ll just spin up the team, you need these? Are people already working with me as an advisor? It’s right, great. Do it. So literally overnight. So I started in January of 14. And by the end of the month, literally, we doubled our revenue. And I was now making 60 grand a month. And I had seven employees. And it penciled I got those employees, frankly, to join for cheap with upside. And we started to build the company, and then it just organically grew from there. We still haven’t raised any money or have any debt. We’ve just organically grown it over time. On that model.

Mario Fachini [26:23]
Wow, congrats. That’s awesome. That’s very inspiring.

Erik Huberman [26:26]
Thank you. No, it’s been so because I say lucky is I should be a commercial real estate agent right now, maybe a couple income properties. And I still haven’t invested in real estate. But I made fun of marketing majors in college. And what happened was through building my own companies, I realized marketing was the hardest part, it’s easy to figure out how to manufacture t-shirts, it was easy to figure out how to manufacture activewear, it was easy to figure out how to ship it like logistics operations. They’re all important. But I found that the place where people have the most challenge is sales and marketing, because it’s more proactive than reactive, where it’s not solving problems. It’s literally trying to always figure out what’s the next best thing you can do. The opportunity cost is infinite. If you do something, you can always do better, you can always make more money there. And so I was just more compelled about outside of the business and focused on it. And you know, 12 years later, I’ve been doing a lot of it.

Mario Fachini [27:18]
So if I heard you correctly, your backgrounds are more in music and commercial real estate, you don’t even have a background in marketing. You just saw the need and filled it.

Erik Huberman [27:26]
Yeah, I’d say the only thing I have is I sold knives door to door when I was 19. And like broke every record. So it turned out I had a natural knack for sales. And so I understand kind of psychology, sociology and how people react to different messaging just inherently

Mario Fachini [27:40]
You got common sense.

Erik Huberman [27:41]
Yeah, in some senses, yes.

Mario Fachini [27:45]
And I also hear that you surround yourself with a team of great people that, you know, you’re not trying to be the expert, in the end all be all to everyone, you just say, hey, I have the people though.

Erik Huberman [27:56]
Yeah. And at this point, especially I’d really try to keep my finger on the pulse of like marketing strategy, then what’s working and not from like, sort of the general level, and then grab experts to figure out the detail level, like I know, tik tok from a general marketing thesis is going to be a great advertising channel as they build it out. But I am going to have my people go research and partner and figure out how to leverage that platform, I just assumed the platform is going to be powerful.

Mario Fachini [28:23]
That’s awesome. There’s so many people that, you know, marketing is so broad. And everyone talks about the leads and the funnels. And it’s important, but I love getting this information, because this is what people are missing. Because not everyone builds a 6, 7, 8 figure company. And it sure as heck, I don’t think they’ve done it in five plus because it’s not like you only got successful at this point this year. I mean, you were well into it. And now you want awards, 30 under 30. And all of that, which was like you said, four years after you started. But it’s just like you focus on the sales and helping people and that sounds like that’s it.

Erik Huberman [29:03]
Yeah, I mean, the biggest driver of success, I think, has been just doing the right thing for the right reasons. And like really, just really trying to be the best at what we do for our people, for our clients like giving a shit. And also we’ve always been long term focused on this. We’ve never been rushing for an exit. Like at some point, if we sell the company we sell the company, but I doubt anyone’s ever gonna offer me what I want for it because I like working so it’s really hard. Like, I’m not the burnout kind of guy. I’ll go take a vacation, I’ve traveled a ton and had plenty of vacations running this company and like the entrepreneur that just like grinds and grinds and grinds for some finish line. I think most of those people never succeed. So my partner and I agreed a year into business. After turning down a pretty decent offer to sell as you know, they just wanted to basically aqua hire us and I was like, we should stick with this. But we got to make it sustainable. Let’s make it a marathon, not a sprint. And so what did that look like and this is now almost six years ago. He wanted to play golf every other Wednesday morning and I wanted to go on two or three epic trip somewhere in the world a year. And he’s now got two kids and life’s changed. So there’s some other priorities. But we just always believed and worked life harmony, finding ways that it all works together. And so I’ve been able to fill mine, he’s a scratch golfer, and I’ve seen, like 36 countries, I think I’m better than 35, something like that. So we’ve been able to do that. So there’s never been a rush to, like, get out. Because I like working when I have nothing else to do. And then if I want to go do something, I could do it. And we treat our people the same way.

Mario Fachini [30:31]
That’s fantastic. I can relate to that, because I always loved helping people start my first company at 12. But I never wanted to work 24 hours a day. And, you know, it’s why I film back to back for the show. And I’m not killing myself to do it. But I was thinking the same thing, long term, 10 years down the line, like what can I do to sustain and grow and have fun in it? If I’m not having fun, no matter if it’s business, the show, whatever. Why would you do it?

Erik Huberman [30:58]
That’s such a good point. Because I think it’s important to understand that like, there’s only 24 hours in a day. So once you work 24 hours, but let’s just assume you don’t need sleep for whatever that reason that is there’s no progress, if that’s how you measure your productivity is how many hours you put in, you cap out. And that means zero scalability, non incremental zero. So you have to figure out how to leverage your time properly. So that you can get a ton out of eight hours, because what I like to do is, let’s figure out how to really delegate building scalable, etc, work 8, 10 hours a day. And then when I do put in 16, 17, 20 hours happens regularly to it’s hyper productive, because it’s not just me grinding and hustling for the sake of it, it’s because I’ve read everything off my plate, and I’ve got something super compelling that I’m going to get done. And so that’s more sustainable when I’m doing those kind of hour long hour days, which again, still happen regularly. It’s usually fun, because I’m doing it for a reason. Like I’ve offloaded all this bullshit day to day stuff, it’s usually to buy an agency or to close a deal, or sell one of the venture portfolio companies we have like, it’s usually something very compelling. And I’m putting in that kind of time and not just to run my business. Because if you’re running your business by working 18 hours a day, I did that with my second e commerce company. That was why we sold it, it was unsustainable. And we didn’t build a model that I could hire people at that point. So I had to either raise money or sell, because I couldn’t get over the hump of getting myself on the business instead of in the business. And so I was literally shipping t-shirts, you know, five hours a day, and doing the marketing and then doing the procurement. And it just became unsustainable and there was nowhere to go from there. I couldn’t add more hours in the day,

Mario Fachini [32:41]
You’re sharing some great expert authority insights, because I’ve been there too. And that’s why I stopped with the agency and transitioned because I had 38 simultaneous clients. And I was just like, and I had a team. It wasn’t just me doing all of it. But I was like, this is just nuts. It’s just how it was going. And I was like, this isn’t me. We’re doing great. Everyone was happy. But I was just like, do I see myself doing this the next 10 years? And the answer was no.

Erik Huberman [33:08]
Yeah, really cool note on that there’s a guy named Robert Glaser that runs an agency called acceleration partners, great guy, and he pays his employees, I forgot what it is. But it’s some amount of money to go on a one week vacation a year and not touch their email or cell phone. He’s like you can’t be in touch at all you got to check out for the week. And you get any gates that give us a bonus when they do. The reason is it forces them to then figure out processes and delegation so that there isn’t a key point of failure. And as a CEO or a founder, you’d have to do the same thing, go take two weeks off and go good luck, because it forces you ahead of time to make sure everything’s buttoned up so that you can leave. And then when you’re gone, like a great example was my honeymoon, I want to wait for 10 days or two weeks, I think it was but for those two weeks, and there was one thing that I had to deal with, we had a problem where our payroll company double withdrew from our account which our payroll is by far our biggest expense. And so we kind of had to go deal with our bank account and realized like I still as the CEO was the only one with access to managing the bank account. That point my CEO and my business partner got access to it like you no longer have to be careful with the money side of it. But there’s a lot of things that you shouldn’t be a key point of failure in anything and no one should in your business. That is what creates scalability.

Mario Fachini [34:25]
That’s huge. That’s a great expert 30 insights. Well, I appreciate everything you’re sharing, and I know we could go for a long time. I have one more question before we thank our sponsor. This is the Wheel of Whatever. It’s a little bit of a fun thing I even interjected in the show.

Erik Huberman [34:41]
I like it.

Mario Fachini [34:43]
Matches the branding too. You see that when I was there?

Erik Huberman [34:46]
Yeah, no, I definitely see that.

Mario Fachini [34:48]
Look at that question. Yours is who is a client you’d love to work with that you haven’t yet. Hmm. You got a lot of good ones. I was checking them all out

Erik Huberman [34:57]
A lot of fun ones a while we’ve checked a lot of the boxes, I’ve reached out to and they’re just sold out. So like, it’s hard to sell them on, they should get marketing help from super 73, the electric bicycles that are advertising anywhere everywhere. Those are really cool. They’re like they look like old cafe racer motorcycles, but they’re electric bicycles. I think those are cool. So we’ve been reaching out to them, trying to think if there’s another brand that we’ve been talking about a few recently that I can’t share that is awesome. Like, honestly, we’re in talks with a few brands that would be just super fun to work with. Gibson, I talked to them today. I will name them because we’re not under anything there yet. But when I met the CEO, I reached out to him. I’ve talked to some of their team. We have a 12 foot Gibson Guitar in our office. And there’s one sitting behind me too. Not a 12 foot normal one. So I’d love to work with them just because I’ve been like when I was 16 I saved up and bought myself my first Gibson Guitar and it was like it’s such a moment for me. I still have that guitar. Gibson SG and so that would just be fun for a personal level.

Mario Fachini [36:05]
I can appreciate that I started when I was in band choir drama marched alto sax play pianos still play alto and tenor. So I definitely like the music side of stuff, too.

Erik Huberman [36:16]
Yep. I just started trying to play sax during quarantine.

Mario Fachini [36:22]
It’s a fun one. All right, we’re gonna thank our sponsor, and we’re gonna come back with the Imperfect Action Round.

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Mario Fachini [37:59]
And we are back with the Imperfect Action Round. Eric, are you ready to take imperfect action?

Erik Huberman [38:05]
Do it.

Mario Fachini [38:05]
60 second or less response answers rapid fire questions. First one is what is the fastest path to the profits?

Erik Huberman [38:15]
I would say being the best salesperson,

Mario Fachini [38:19]

Erik Huberman [38:20]
It is going to be an honor if you got to be able to sell

Mario Fachini [38:23]
Absolutely 100% I’m loving this, we should do two or three parts. I know you just have a wealth of knowledge and you share a lot of stuff people don’t realize. Two, what is the biggest problem you see your prospects make and the fastest way for them to fix it.

Erik Huberman [38:40]
Yeah, not understanding the purchase cycle or consideration period meaning that from the time someone sees an ad to the time someone actually buys something, there’s a period there. So to actually double down on nurturing email marketing, SMS content, things that bring people along your funnel from when they become aware of for you to actually purchasing really focusing on that and also measuring your advertising properly, knowing that it could be three weeks, five weeks, two months, three months before someone buys from when they see an ad so when you’re measuring the efficacy of your advertising, understanding that as a timeline, they’re absolutely nailing it.

Mario Fachini [39:16]
Number three, what is the best way to maximize customer lifetime value?

Erik Huberman [39:22]
Number one good product or service they’re gonna want to buy more from you. The other mistake I see people make is actually having stuff that people can buy more of people a lot of times just don’t merchandise properly and don’t give people the options to go buy other things from you when they like you. It is that simple. And then stay in touch by giving them value above and beyond a purchase decision. Again, great content can do that. So you get people to engage Red Bulls notoriously the best at this, like all their content has nothing to do with selling their product but they sell like billions of dollars in product because they create great content.

Mario Fachini [39:55]
Great value, great value. What books would you recommend the expert authority world that have impacted your life?

Erik Huberman [40:02]
And my number one favorite would be Appetite For Self Destruction by Steve Knopper, a Rolling Stones author, I need to find that guy. At some point I read that book when I was 22, just out of college at the market falling apart was getting into music. And it’s about the music industry’s failure to adapt to change and innovation over and over and over again and miss out on opportunities where you know whether it was like Napster is a great example and iTunes like, why does Apple own iTunes and not Universal Music or a music company? Like it’s those kinds of things that they’ve always resisted, and it’s always shot them in the foot Spotify. Now they’re all arguing about why Spotify doesn’t pay them enough. It’s like, well, why didn’t you create Spotify. So this was pre Spotify and pre iTunes, or I think iTunes was out when that book came out. But it’s more like their habit of this the past 100 years. And so really love that book, because it’s a great testament to any industry and making sure to disrupt yourself and keep innovating.

Mario Fachini [40:57]
I’ve not heard of that one. And it’s not been a recommendation. So thank you for that. It sounds very intriguing. And it’s kind of funny, because everyone’s always mad after the fact. But it’s like, Hey, you want to put up the risk and the money? That’s welcome to entrepreneurship. So don’t be upset when we get the rewards. But there’s also been probably a lot of failures you didn’t see. Yep. All right. Where would you like people to learn more?

Erik Huberman [41:22]
Yeah, I mean, any social media platform at or slash, Eric Huberman. I’ve got my podcast Hawke Talk on all the major platforms. So that’s easy and have a look out for our book and the next ,hopefully, year so the hawk method.

Mario Fachini [41:36]
Excellent. Well, thank you so much, Eric. It’s been a pleasure. And I appreciate you for sharing.

Erik Huberman [41:41]
Yeah, thank you for having me.

Mario Fachini [41:42]
All right, Expert Authority World. We have another great episode here today. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day. God bless.

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