Thank You for submitting your booking request 🙂 – Just a few last things (96% Complete)

*Your booking request will be reviewed over the next 24-72 hours *unless otherwise stated/its holiday time* in the meantime please complete the following steps to expedite the process so we can keep the focus on our listeners, creating the best episode we can in our power & adding actionable value for the Expert Authority World™ audience. Please connect on all social platforms @MarioFachini so we have your very best accounts for your show notes. Thanks again for your time and submission. I’m Looking forward to featuring you 🙂

P.S. If you have a partner/co-founder/key person, etc…a 2nd person, I’d be more than happy to feature you both, but separately, I’ve found this works best and no one feels left out of the conversation. Please simply submit a 2nd form for your partner.

Step #2: Upload Your Assets (Create a Folder)

Est Time: 30 seconds to 90 seconds ( Please create yourself a folder and upload your 3/4 body shot for episode promotional artwork, current bio, and sizzle reel as shown below)

>>> Click here to simply and Easily Upload your: Bio, Headshot, & Video Sizzle Reel (1-2mins) <<<

Sizzle Reel Examples >>> Click Here <<<

Step #3: Minimum Equipment Requirement

Est Time: <60 seconds to 90 seconds+ (if you’d like to order/upgrade your equipment

>>> Click here to review the show equipment requirements <<<

We’ve all seen a great video and we’ve all seen a bad video, I invite you to join me with having great video 🙂

Please do realize I am livestreaming all interviews in 1080p HD video, and recording them in 4K 2160p

While the focus and format is for the High Definition Audio Podcast, the 4K Video will be everywhere you can put video around the world, including my 4K TV I already tested episodes on, as well as HD & 4K Computer screens, tablets + mobile devices. Which means:

You want the best: Microphone, Lights, and Camera you can get, thankfully for you I have a list you’re welcome to pick stuff from and have it sent anywhere in the world you’ll be in 48hrs or less 🙂 I have even listed everything I am using in my studio and you’re not only welcome, but I invite you to match it, because the final output will look like a professional broadcast quality news interview, that will be one of the best authority building, credibility piece you will have in your marketing arsenal when we’re done.

YES, it is true that most only stream at 720p, especially while being LIVE! ….but if you’re anything like me, (which I know you are since you got approved 😉 ) you didn’t start your entrepreneurial journey to be mediocre.

We will not only be live streaming @1080p HD, but I also simulcast each episode to numerous destinations LIVE! as we record. ( I even designed and built a 4K Livestream Dream Machine Supercomputer to pull this off, you will see all the specs on the equipment list when you scroll down and look at what I’m running) In short, I take my show very seriously I’m treating this the same as I do as if we were both in studio in person (IRL) with my Cinema Team.

In addition, I always have a recording going to the NVMe Drive in 4K 2160p and this is what is used for the final edit for your Youtube Premiere! Facebook LIVE! is just a bonus for additional exposure and audience interaction while we record (Think of it as being in a LIVE! Studio Audience. It’s Cool, it’s fun, you can promote ahead of time and share instantly after its done, but it’s the 1st step.

We take the 4K recording and my EAInterviews Cinema Team™ and I do our magic so the final destination will be like a red carpet movie premiere, which is exactly what we roll out on Youtube Premiere™, the day of your episode release and embed in your epic show notes page so it’s set and stone and you can always have easy reference (

Added Bonus for you:

***You will receive a finalized 4K 2160p Copy of the Professionally edited & color graded video once we’ve completed post-production***

If you want to look like the expert and authority I know you to be (This why you were hand-picked, and tapped you for the show, and approved), I invite you to join me with the proper lights, microphone, and HD external webcam

Please don’t hesitate to email me any Q’s you may have in addition to the Recommend Equipment List above, I have mentally resolved we are in a production studio in person with all the proper gear. While in reality, we are remote, I can show you the behind the scenes on how to achieve the same end result, as I share in my: FREE Video Podcast Course as well as my #1 International Best Seller Video Marketing For Business Owners

*Here’s to you being Showcased and Featured as you always should be, the Expert and Authority that you are * 🙂

I look forward to seeing you inside the Expert Authority™ Green Room

~Mario Fachini

Step #4: Download Interview Questions & Connect on All Social

Est Time: 30 seconds to 60 seconds


>>> Click Here to Download the Interview Questions <<<

>>> Please Connect On Social with your best accounts to promote <<<

• Facebook – Personal
• Facebook – Public Figure
• Youtube
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Twitch

>>> Please use the Chrome Browser<<<

Even if your MAC defaults to Safari please please use the Chrome Browser for ease of use experience, I have nothing against MAC or Apple, it’s simply in my experience with all the VIP Guests Chrome is the least problematic no matter what computer you choose to use. My sincerest focus is on you and the interview, not the tech.

>>>Zoom Chrome Extension<<<

I know this normally downloads if you don’t have it already installed when you click the link, but since you are the Expert & Authority of your industry and are always prepared, here’s the link to get it out of the way well in advance before we shoot.

>>>Logitech Camera Settings App<<<

Whether you’ve had the c922BRIO or just picked one up to enhance your Livestream professionalism for your feature episode, as well as, in addition to it, you’re gonna love the “CAMERA SETTINGS” app from Logitech for even more control of all the features your camera is capable and enhanced to provide, to ensure you have the best-looking video for your audience.

Please visit:

To Learn More & Look at the minimum equipment requirements to have you looking & sounding your best

I look forward to featuring you soon 🙂

~ Mario Fachini

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