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Schmooze: What They Should Teach At Harvard Business School with Author & Speaker Cody Lowry on Episode #0225

Cody has 35 years of experience in automotive advertising. He is the President of Retail and Automotive of Intermark Group. A proud papa to 11 grandchildren. He sold newspapers to fashion icon Lillie Rubin when he was a kid and spent one summer working as a pirate at a theme park. Despite never having played or coached in the NFL, he received a Super Bowl ring. He is the author of Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School. His superpower is the ability to walk into a last-minute pitch, without any materials, and win the business by unanimous decision. Welcome to the show, Cody!
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Personality Isn’t Permanent: Break Free From Self-Limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story With Best Selling Author, Trainer, & TEDx Speaker Dr. Benjamin Hardy on Episode #0208

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, Personality Isn’t Permanent, and Who Not How.

His blogs have been read by over 100 million people and are featured on Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, and many others. He is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today and from 2015-2018, he was the #1 writer in the world on

He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system in February 2018 and, one month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins, who were born in December of 2018. They recently welcomed their 6th child into their home. They live in Orlando. Welcome to the show, Dr. Hardy!

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The Amazon Jungle: The Truth About Amazon, The Seller’s Survival Guide for Thriving on the World’s Most Perilous E-Commerce Marketplace with Jason Boyce on Episode #0265

Author of The Amazon Jungle, entrepreneur and CEO with nearly 20 years of e-commerce and Amazon Marketplace experience, founded in 2019 and co-founded in 2002. Avenue7Media harnesses the power of Amazon for product development, account management, and marketing on the U.S.’s largest e-commerce platform.

Father of two warrior daughters, husband, digital marketing, e-commerce, executive management, merchandising, international product sourcing, supply chain management, strategic planning, accounting, finance, website design & development.

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Avoid Becoming the Next Kodak With Author & Speaker Philip Zimmerman on Episode #0226

Philip scaled his first business to multi-million dollars before being acquired by a public traded company. He took another company from 25 employees doing $700,000 in profits to 120 employees doing over $4.5 Million in less than 4 years. He then became the CFO to an 8 figure consulting firm. Wanting to pay it forward he retired and became a high school teacher for over 12 years where he discovered a generational shift and realised companies were in big trouble if they didn’t adapt
quickly to the radical change in culture. In his groundbreaking book ‘Unleash the Millennials and Save The World’, Philip shares the shocking reality of the future of honesty, money, technology and education. He’s on a mission to help businesses become more resilient to disruption by developing the next generation of leaders. Welcome to the show, Philip!
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The Hot Sauce Principle: How To Live And Lead In A World Where Everything Is Urgent All Of The Time with Author, TEDx Speaker, & CEO Brandon Smith on Episode #0223

Despite being only 10 when his older brother took his own life, Brandon went from not being able to order a pizza due to a debilitating stutter to becoming a master communicator. He went on to teach communication in two leading business schools
and has won 12 teaching awards for his work in the classroom. Through his work with businesses, Brandon has helped countless employees go from being on the verge of getting fired to becoming some of the company’s top performers. Brandon learnt the secret of urgency, what he calls ‘Hot Sauce’ and how different people react differently to it. Today he is the author of ‘The Hot Sauce Principle’. Used in the right amount, hot sauce can be the very thing that turns a bland or stressful workplace into a place of flavourful productivity.
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PodMax: Leverage Guest Podcasting with Same Day Bookings on Top Shows with On Air Brands and PodMax Founder Erik Cabral on Episode #0264

Erik Cabral left corporate America after 20+ years. He jumped head first into real estate investing in order to achieve financial freedom. Educating himself, building networks, and analyzing hundreds of deals he purchased his first multi-family building in less than one year. He’s a partner in the Renault Winery & Resort, which is the 3rd oldest winery in the US, offers private capital to his network of investors for various projects and looks for opportunities to expand and grow his network in the real estate investing and entrepreneurial space.
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Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams To Your Destiny With Speaker, Trainer, & Worldwide Best Selling Author Mark Victor Hansen on Episode #0216

Mark Victor Hansen is best known as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, setting world records in book sales, with over 500 million books sold. Mark also worked his way into a worldwide spotlight as a sought-after keynote speaker, and entrepreneurial marketing maven, creating a stream of successful people who have created massive success for themselves through Mark’s unique teachings and wisdom. With his endearing charismatic style, Mark captures his audience’s attention as well as their hearts. Having spoken to over 6,000 audiences world-wide with his one-of-a-kind technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he continues to receive high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers and leaders of our time. Welcome to the show, Mark!
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The Real Audience Accelerator™ To Get Free Traffic From Social Media And Build An Audience That Buys with Best Selling Author, Speaker, & CEO Paul Colligan on Episode #0215

The author of the #1 Top Selling “How To Podcast” and Podcast Strategies” books, Paul Colligan, Podcast Consultant, Executive Podcast Producer and Keynote Speaker offers his report on what’s really working in the Podcasting industry and freely gives the Podcast Strategies that WORK. Paul believes in building systems and products that work for the user — not vice versa. With that focus, he has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful internet products that have garnered tens of millions of visitors in traffic, and dollars in revenue. Previous projects have included work with StoryBrand, The U.S. State Department, Traffic Geyser, Rubicon International, Piranha Marketing, Microsoft and Pearson Education. In addition, he’s helped dozens of authors launch their books and become best-sellers on Amazon, he’s helped podcasters get to Number One on iTunes, and has been the secret weapon behind millions of video views on YouTube. Paul’s topics of passion include podcasting, new media content creation, multicasting, product development, and lifestyle design. Welcome to the show, Paul!
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Growth Marketing: Developing And Executing Best-In-Class Marketing And eCommerce Strategies With Right Side Up Founder Tyler Elliston on Episode #0261

With us today is Tyler Elliston, the founder of Right Side Up, a collective of premium marketing talent—with all of the marketing chops, and none of the agency fluff. Tyler is an expert in growth marketing, has helped start and scale multiple successful companies and is considered an authority on the “future of work” – how the workplace is evolving to be more remote, specialized and part-time.
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The XChange Approach: Conversations For Exponential Outcomes With Co-founder & CEO Of XChange Jon Berghoff on Episode #0217

Today’s guest, Jon Berghoff, is the Co-Founder and CEO of XCHANGE, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom. Over 350 global thought leaders, community builders, and industry-leading coaches and consultants have leveraged the XCHANGE Approach to facilitate transformational group experiences with their clients. When companies like BMW, Facebook, NASA, and Keller Williams have wanted to bring large groups together to solve problems, accelerate learning, or create a new future, they’ve all relied upon Jon and the XCHANGE Approach. Welcome to the show, Jon!
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