Memorial Day 2021

THANK YOU to all the men and women who served to protect our Freedom and paid the ultimate price, you are not forgotten.

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Smuggled Twice, Abandoned, and Abused, to Multi-Millionaire by Demolishing Limiting Beliefs and Going All In with CEO Carlos Reyes on Episode #0278

Carlos was smuggled twice into the US and abandoned when he was a boy to escape severe poverty and abuse.
He created a door-to-door sales business at age 5 and applied the lessons he learned from surviving the streets to create 27 companies in multiple industries including medical, solar, software, education and real estate with 7 of his businesses grossing millions of dollars a year. Today he’s on a mission to liberate and heal others from their own limited beliefs.
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Talent Transformation: Develop Today’s Team for Tomorrow’s World of Work with Eric Shepard on Episode #0275

As an entrepreneur, visionary, and author Eric Shepherd is an accomplished leader of international businesses and associations focused on talent, assessments, and success. For 18 years Eric was the CEO of Questionmark where he grew the organization’s platform into a multi-million-dollar operation delivering tens of millions of assessments per year.

Eric has also led industry and standards initiatives to promote best practices for assessments, learning, and interoperability. He currently serves as Chair of the IEEE Learning and Technology Standards Committee working group which is developing recommended practice for Defining Competencies.

Eric is a captivating public speaker and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Talent Transformation Guild.

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Don’t be Lazy with Your Data! With Dr. John Johnson on Episode #0274

Today’s guest is Dr. John Johnson, founder and CEO of Edgeworth Economics, a world-class economic consulting firm, and Edgeworth Analytics, a company focused on using data analysis in human resources and other business services.
As an expert on interpreting data, John has taught at Georgetown University and has been published in numerous books, journals, and magazines. John comes to us today to share some tips that you can use to become more comfortable using data in your decision-making.
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From Country Sunshine to Community Squalor with Cliff Oxford on Episode #0273

Joining us today is Cliff Oxford, here to discuss his third book, Redneck Reverie: The Rationale for the Trump Phenomenon. which combines data-driven insights and real life experiences to explain Donald Trump’s election to the White House and the intersection with rural cultures across America. Having lived his life among both country folk and the elite, Cliff has the exact insights needed to not only help explain how we got here, but to provide guidance on the road moving forward.

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Increasing Employee Engagement Through HR Outsourcing with Chuck Cooper on Episode #0272

Today’s guest is Chuck Cooper, the Managing Partner at WhiteWater Consulting in Charlotte, NC. Throughout his career, Chuck has been involved at the ownership level of several small and midsize companies, and he also has extensive
experience working in the PEO industry. Chuck’s passion is working with the leadership of small and midsize companies, helping them design and define HR strategies that eliminate the fear, uncertainty, and doubt they may have when it comes to solving their people problems. Welcome to the show, Chuck!
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Captivate The Room by Using Psychology of the Voice® to Increase Your Impact, Influence and Profit with CEO Tracy Goodwin on Episode #0271

Do you ever wonder why your message isn’t resonating? Maybe you haven’t found your real voice? Tracy Goodwin is an expert at helping individuals find their voice and share it with the world. Over the last 30 years, Tracy has coached hundreds of people around the globe, including CEOs, leading Hollywood actors, entrepreneurs, and leading influencers on how to sound more confident and make a big impact with their message. Welcome to the show, Tracy!
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The ADMANITY® Protocol: Discover The Marketing Formulas That Will Attract Customers To Your Brand with CEO Brian Gregory on Episode #0268

Our guest today is Brian Gregory, CEO and Founder of ADMANITY.com. If you’ve ever wished that a professional ad agency would coach you about your brand but found out you couldn’t afford it, you’re going to enjoy our show today. ADMANITY has created a breakthrough emotional algorithm that can instantly give ANY business the advertising strategies, tactics and formulas that will sell it most effectively in the market – WITHOUT the high cost of hiring an agency. Brian says small businesses should advertise just like the big brands do but usually, they just don’t know how…and today he’s going to reveal exactly how you can do it! Welcome to the show, Brian!
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Branding with Heart, Generating Milions After Cancer & Giving Back with Logo.com CEO Richard Lau on Episode #0267

Richard Lau has generated millions of dollars in revenue in the interne industry. NamesCon, his in-person conference focused on domain names, began as an idea in the fall of 2013 and is now part of the GoDaddy family. Resume.com is an online resume builder for millions of job seekers and is another of Richard’s recent successful exits, this time to Indeed.com. His current project is Logo.com – an AI-powered logo maker that has the ability to design a unique logo for your company in just a few minutes.
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The Human Cloud: How Today’s Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work with Matthew Mottola on Episode #0266

Matthew has transformed today’s leading companies. At Microsoft, in join partnership with Upwork, he built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit bringing Microsoft from nascent to an industry leader in under two years. Today he’s the founder of Venture L, the leading platform for freelancers who want to earn more money working less hours and doing the things they actually enjoy doing. Matthew is considered a recognized voice for leadership teams, public investors, and has presented at leading conferences around the world. He’s also the author of ‘StartUp Not StartDown’ and his upcoming book The Human Cloud – How Today’s Changemakers Use AI and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work’. Matthew’s mission is to give individuals the power of an iconic agency by powering their collective and making meaningful work.
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