Vocal Confidence: Using Your Authentic Voice As A Powerful Instrument For Your Business And Personal Success with Professional Voice Talent and Director Rachael Sparrow on Episode #0331

Today’s Guest, Rachael Sparrow, is a voice actor. After landing an unfulfilling job shortly after graduating college, Rachael knew that the traditional work life was not for her. Rachael never imagined she would fall into her dream career by complete accident. Today, her young Millennial, girl-next-door voice is taking the voice-over world by storm, and she is not looking back. From TV commercials to children’s books, Rachael’s fun and conversational tone has narrated projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, including PetSmart, Xfinity, Yahoo! Finance, and Hubspot. Welcome to the show, Rachael!
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Uncomplicated Skin Care for Men: Reinventing Men’s Skin Care and Changing The Way Regular Guys Think About Their Skin by Founder & CEO Kelley Thornton on Episode #0423

Today’s guest, Kelley Thornton, is the CEO and Founder of the renowned men’s skincare line, Tiege Hanley. After a successful 20-year career in Corporate America, he left to create Tiege Hanley, a 6-year-old e-commerce business with the goal of assisting men in feeling and looking their best. The company now offers a wide range of items, such as deodorant, bar soap, body wash, and a purifying clay mask, as opposed to just three different skin care systems. In July 2022, Tiege dispatched its 1.5 million boxes, and it now has over 350,000 clients all around the world. Kelley is committed to improving the shopping experience for all patrons and assisting guys in leading better lives based on self-assurance.
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0309: Future-Proofing Your Solutions: Strategies for Long-Term Effectiveness

Daniel Cooper is a business strategist who believes in the power of automation. He understands that certain aspects of business, such as customer service and direct communication with customers, require a personal touch and should not be automated. However, he recognizes the importance of automating repetitive and tedious tasks that can bog down entrepreneurs. By doing so, he believes that founders can be freed up from the daily grind and have the opportunity to take a high-level perspective on their businesses. With his expertise in automation, Daniel helps businesses streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency.
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0308: Appitalize on Your Idea: Bringing Any Idea to Fruition by Outsourcing Everything So You Can Focus on Innovation

Justin Esgar, a visionary creator and innovator, has always been driven by the power of ideas rather than the constraints of money. His passion for bringing forth groundbreaking inventions has led him to defy financial limitations and find alternative paths toward achieving his goals. Believing that money should not hinder innovation, Justin embarked on a journey to bring his ideas to life while keeping expenses at bay. He discovered numerous ingenious approaches, proving that there are always alternatives to achieve remarkable results without a hefty price tag. By embracing cost-effective strategies, Justin managed to bring about 80% of his vision to fruition, defying the conventional wisdom that states money is the sole enabler of progress. With an unwavering belief in the boundless potential of creativity, Justin Esgar continues to push the boundaries and inspire others to overcome financial hurdles. He stands as a testament to the idea that determination, resourcefulness, and unwavering passion can pave the way to realizing extraordinary concepts and innovations.
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Beyond The Chaos®: Enjoying Your Time Freedom by Streamlining Your Teams Delegation Process for Increased Profit with Speaker and CEO Susan Fennema Episode #0307

Susan Fenema is a passionate advocate for small business owners who are overwhelmed and need help streamlining and simplifying their operations. With years of experience in project management, Susan understands the challenges these entrepreneurs face in balancing their visionary responsibilities with day-to-day tasks. She has worked with numerous individuals who started their businesses due to their expertise but now find themselves unable to focus on what they love. Susan helps them prioritize their passions, develop time management strategies, and build efficient processes that minimize chaos and allow them to reclaim control. Through her guidance, Susan empowers small business owners to refocus on their trade and enjoy the fulfilling aspects of being a CEO.
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Independence Day 2022

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The Future of Publishing with TedX Speaker & 10x Best Selling Author Melanie Johnson on Episode #0404

Melanie Churella Johnson is a WSJ/USA Today bestselling author and 15x Amazon bestseller. She owned and operated a $100 million media company with TV stations in Houston and Dallas.

She has been in front of and behind the camera, after she won the title of Miss Michigan and was first runner up to Miss America. She built and marketed the 25,000 sq. ft. Houston Mansion and the Walloon Lake House.

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The Drop In CEO™: Helping C-Suite Leaders Take Control of Their Careers and Get Promoted with Author, Speaker and Management Consultant Deb Coviello on Episode #0383

Deb Coviello is the Founder of Illumination Partners and the host of The Drop In CEO
podcast. For more than twenty years, she has been transforming businesses from
within, elevating the talents of their organizations to new performance levels. Her
experience has taught her to put tremendous value on people, whom she considers
as the heart of every business.
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Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page To 10,000 Copies Sold with Chandler Bolt on Episode #370

Chander Bolt shares how he started out with failing businesses but noticed that book writing and publishing was the only thing going well for him. He decided to build a company around his skill and this has evolved into the Self Publishing school.

He shares timeless tips on the things any author must consider before publishing a book, what to spend money on and what not to spend money on. He also gives technical, step-by-step advice on the book writing process, and how to go through it faster and easier.

He answers big questions like the question of niching down or going broad, the question of what format to publish your book in, and many more.

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